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Reading: Poro Secret Society Manhunt for Alie Kamara for Defying Tradition
Reading: Poro Secret Society Manhunt for Alie Kamara for Defying Tradition

Poro Secret Society Manhunt for Alie Kamara for Defying Tradition

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 3 Min Read
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In a gripping saga unfolding in Sierra Leone’s Bombali District, the defiance of one young man against entrenched tradition has ignited a fervent manhunt by the formidable Poro Secret Society.

Alie Kamara, a resident of Mankenah Village, finds himself at the epicenter of a cultural clash after steadfastly refusing to adhere to age-old customs, despite familial expectations. His principled stand, rooted in his devout Muslim beliefs, has thrust him into a perilous confrontation with the Society’s elders.

The saga commenced following the passing of Alie’s father, Pa Santagi Kamara, a revered figure within the Poro Society. The date of his father’s demise, occurring between 2019 and 2020, marked a turning point for Alie, as tradition dictated his assumption of a leadership role within the Society through initiation rites. However, Alie’s unwavering rejection of rituals conflicting with his religious convictions has incited fury among Society members.

Tragically, Alie’s elder brother, Hassan, met a similar fate, succumbing to a mysterious illness in April 2021 after daring to oppose the Society’s demands. Hassan’s untimely demise serves as a grim reminder of the perilous path Alie now navigates.

In response to Alie’s dissent, the Poro Secret Society has unleashed a relentless campaign to enforce conformity. Raids on Alie’s family home have become commonplace, with Society members offering rewards for any information leading to his capture. Reports of brutal treatment inflicted upon dissenters serve as a chilling testament to the Society’s resolve.

Despite efforts by local authorities to intervene, including a thwarted attempt to engage community leaders, the grip of the Poro Secret Society remains unyielding. Alie’s aspirations for higher education at the University of Makeni now hang in the balance, overshadowed by the specter of danger that looms over him.

As tensions escalate and the manhunt intensifies, Alie’s plight serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring struggle between tradition and individual autonomy. In a nation grappling with the complexities of cultural identity and personal freedom, his courageous stand resonates as a rallying cry for change.

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