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Reading: NOC/CGA-SLE Collaborates with Labrum London for Development Initiatives
Reading: NOC/CGA-SLE Collaborates with Labrum London for Development Initiatives

NOC/CGA-SLE Collaborates with Labrum London for Development Initiatives

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Labrum London
Labrum London

In a pivotal step towards fostering development and enhancing Sierra Leone’s presence on the global stage, the National Olympic Committee/Commonwealth Games Association of Sierra Leone (NOC/CGA-SLE) convened with Foday Dumbuya, the Founder of Labrum London, on Monday at their Walpole Street office.
The purpose of the meeting centred around exploring substantial contributions from accomplished Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora, such as Foday Dumbuya, to the NOC/CGA-SLE. President Prince Sualley, speaking on behalf of NOC/CGA-SLE, acknowledged Dumbuya’s commitment to his roots and praised his dedication to initiatives that add value to the country.
President Sualley expressed, “He and I have been discussing the ways in which he can contribute, not only by outfitting our athletes for competitions but also by elevating our standards. Through his extensive connections with various branding companies, we believe we can make a lasting impact as a sporting family.”
Confirming a contractual partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), President Suallay emphasized the potential benefits of collaborating with renowned global brands. He stated, “Adidas, Nike, Puma – these are household names globally. We recognize the value they bring, and through Foday’s connections, we aim to leverage these affiliations to add value to our athletes and the sporting community in Sierra Leone.”
President Suallay expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Labrum London, emphasizing the potential for growth and development for Sierra Leonean athletes. “I am very much open to working with him in any way possible to bring about positive changes for the benefit of our athletes and the entire sporting community in Sierra Leone.”
Foday Dumbuya, in response, conveyed his gratitude to President Suallay for providing a platform to discuss Labrum London’s vision for athletics. He acknowledged Unisa Deen Kargbo (UDK) for the initial conversation on how Labrum could contribute meaningfully to the NOC.
Dumbuya shared insights into Labrum London’s ongoing projects with global brands and highlighted the potential for collaboration with Sierra Leone. “While it may not entail immediate financial investments, we envision a partnership where we design and provide athletic wear, initiating a collaborative process to gauge its effectiveness. Simultaneously, our projects with these brands can extend support to our athletes, identifying areas where assistance is needed.”
The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to advancing Sierra Leonean athletes’ prospects on the international stage and fostering a lasting partnership between NOC/CGA-SLE and Labrum London. BT/25/12/2023

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