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”My Fans Are Like Family To Me”, TikTok star and musician -The Therapist shows massive appreciation to his fans.

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”My fans are like family to me”, TikTok star and musician -The Therapist  has shown massive appreciation to his fans during an interview with popular online show host Hawanatu Konneh Network.

Jacob Alexander Evangelista , better known as The Therapist is a Sierra Leonean musician, and popular TikTok influencer. His song ” Nack” is currently among the top trending songs in Africa and is going viral. This a breakthrough for the handsome kid in the block.

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During an exclusive interview with Hawanatu Konneh , The Therapist talked about his passion for music, noting that he has been greatly inspired by his fans. His debut song “Nack”  has hits over 1 million views on boom and audiomack.

“It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my fans”, The Therapist told Hawanatu Konneh.

The Therapist said his fans should be on the look-out for him, especially for those that have not met him yet, and that they should be rest assured that they will meet him soon.

Born and raised in Hill station, Freetown, Sierra Leone, Jacob Alexander Evangelista has built a reputation around a certain niche on Tik Tok.  The Therapist claims massive followers — many who are of part of the new generation — and has found fame by creating short video clips, lip-syncing to soundbites, showing off viral dances, and creating contents that get shared thousands of times.

The Therapist currently has over 2.1 M Followers . Speaking to Salone Messenger Media about his inspiration in joining Tik Tok platform, he said, “ it was through a challenge with my friend. I told my friend that I can get over 10,000 followers in 7days but my friend denied and so we placed a bet that if win, he will get me a pizza. I won. That is how my Tik Tok journey started”

The interview with Hawanatu Konneh also featured Mr Sho Cole who is the CEO of the management agency, Cribs International that is behind The Therapist.  

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