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Musa Tombo Returns To Bo Rangers Training

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Nohmi George
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Musa Tombo returns to Bo Rangers FC training fired up to make history at the CAF Champions League Preliminary Rounds.

The goal elephant in the BRFC Squad, Musa is happily back in training with Bo Rangers FC as the lead forward for the champions of the 2021/2022 Sierra Leone Premier League.
Musa Tombo won the 2021/2022 player of the tournament and golden boot with the highest goal in the history of the Sierra Leone Premier League. Earlier this year he scored a world-class goal at the AFCON which became one of the top 10 goals for the tournament.

Amidst the controversy surrounding his football career, Musa remains the nation’s favourite celebrity player for his generation. His presence in any match gives hope to fans and in most cases leaves them dancing with the words “r bin tel u say Musa mus score”.

The Management and fans of Bo Rangers FC are excited to have him back in training and reassured him of their unending support as one of their own. Musa is determined to bring out the best in him and happy to be back with his Bo Rangers Family. Mr Babadi Kamara, Executive Chairman of Bo Rangers FC has also maintained that Musa is his son, will always be a son and that he will continue the fatherly role in this life for the growth and development of his Football career.

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