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Mos B Releases A Brand New Single “Fambul Money Sweet

Mos B has officially released his single, the song is called “Fambul Money Sweet.”  In sense, it means “Money is sweet” The audio was produced by Mos B, mixed and mastered by Izo Classical Records.

The song is a social commentary aiming at telling people about the happiness and deliciousness behind money. The song also commented about the ill-treatment people without money received from society. Society tends to pervert their true human conscience to dishonesty towards the poor. As such society hail riches and punctuate it as though riches are everything. The song also calls to attention everyone to hustle genuinely and make money.
“Money Sweet” is a multilingual song partly sang in Krio, English, and French.  The song is available on Spotify, Itunes, and other platforms while the official video will be available this 29th November on his official MosBmusic

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Tell us about your new release?

I wrote this song two years ago but I never released it to the public. Only a demo of it on Instagram. I recorded the song myself. My brother Artist Frico came to my home studio to record he had the song. He then offers for me to drop some stuff and give him few lines, as he was feeling the beat

What inspired you to do the song?

The present situation as well inspired me, as many of making money through concerts had to undergo a lot of struggles, cause where we make money was taken away by Covid-19.

Who are your targeted listeners of the song?

Salone, clubbers the young and for the street

Why did you decide to come out of this song?

 Viral trend, a song you can hear in the neighborhood in the taxis on the street anywhere Christmas time is a time everybody needs money for a lot of things. I thought talking about money now can relate to many people out there. The concept and also inspiration as the saying goes money makes the world go round. I was inspired by a story of a guy who went to school graduated but after things became hard. No friends broke. A master but ended cleaning the street. Until one day a school mate drove by and recognizes him. This friend stepped in and changed his situation. 

What is the next project you are working on?

The next project is presently on mixing. A lot of songs as I have cooked a lot of food to feed my people and more video clips. At the end of 2021, I will be releasing my 3rd album title ‘’best of both world’’

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