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Reading: Sierra Leonean Music Sensation, Mos-B, Aims to Become Africa’s Richest Musician within 5 Years
Reading: Sierra Leonean Music Sensation, Mos-B, Aims to Become Africa’s Richest Musician within 5 Years

Sierra Leonean Music Sensation, Mos-B, Aims to Become Africa’s Richest Musician within 5 Years

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 3 Min Read
3 Min Read

Sierra Leonean artist Mos-B is not holding back on his ambitions, expressing on Facebook his unwavering determination to become the richest musician from Sierra Leone, if not the entire continent of Africa, within the next five years.

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With a rare blend of talent as a singer, songwriter, performer, and hyper-creative entertainer, Mos-B’s music journey has been nothing short of impressive.

Born in Sierra Leone to a musically inclined mother, Mos-B’s passion for making music ignited at a young age. His first-ever performance as a musician was in front of an astounding audience of 20,000 people, which set the stage for his rise in the music industry.

Drawing inspiration from the rich rhythms, philosophies, and lyrics that define his life’s journey, Mos-B has created a unique and intimate platform to connect with his ever-growing fan base. His music has garnered massive attention, with numerous YouTube views and airtime on eight prominent radio stations in Sierra Leone.

Amidst his rising fame, Mos-B has not only been appreciated by his fans but also recognized within the music industry. His exceptional talent and dedication have earned him several nominations and awards, further solidifying his position as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Some of Mos-B’s notable achievements include the following:

2020: Nominated for the New School Awards’ Best Diaspora Artist.
2019: Scooped the Fanea Award for Best Diaspora Artist.
2019: Awarded the prestigious Sierra Liberty Award as Sierra Leone’s Versatile Artist of the Year.
2019: Nominated for Best Diaspora Artist at the NEA Awards.
2019: Won the SLAAM Awards USA for Best Cultural Song with his track “Back to My Roots and Culture.”
2016: Honored by Salone 4 Mi and You French Association in Paris as the Best Sierra Leonean Live Performer in Europe.
With each accolade, Mos-B has cemented his reputation as an outstanding artist representing Sierra Leone on the global stage. His versatility, cultural pride, and powerful performances have won the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

The future holds even more promise for this talented musician as he boldly declares his aspiration to become Africa’s richest musician in the next five years. Mos-B’s ambition, combined with his relentless work ethic and trust in divine blessings, signifies a driving force behind his unstoppable rise.

As Mos-B continues to captivate audiences with his music, there’s no doubt that his journey will be closely watched by fans and music enthusiasts alike. Sierra Leone, and indeed Africa, eagerly anticipate witnessing the fulfillment of Mos-B’s dreams as he strives to take his place at the pinnacle of the music industry.

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