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The Journey: Kadijah Koroma on becoming a movie star

Born and raised in Makeni, Kadijah Koroma screen name Dijah Kay is the Founder of the Dijah Kay production, established to help ambitious people of her kind to accomplish their dreams of becoming an entertainer. Dijah Kay Production comprises of pageantry, Talent shows, Event management, and Film making.

Kadija Koroma attended the Alharcan Primary school in Makeni where she completed her primary school, she later enrolled at the Benevolent Secondary School, Makeni. Where she did her JSS 1 and 2. She had to relocate to Freetown and she attended the Vine Memorial Secondary School for Girls. Where she completed her BECE and WASSCE examination. Upon conclusion, Kadijah enrolled at MABEX College but later booked a transfer to Licsal Business College where she graduated in Business Administration. In 2015, she completed an acting course from one of the prestigious film schools in the UK – (METFILM School).

Dijah Kay studied Marketing and Business Administration, she then decided to pursue a career in acting in 2005 and was fortunate to gain lots of theoretical and practical experience in acting for film. Consequently, in 2008, she played the lead role in a movie (Tears on my Pillow). In 2012, she was feature again in another movie (Wait a Little longer) as the lead actress.

She is arguably the most beautiful actress the country has ever produced. Having caught up with acting at a tender age, especially when she was in primary school. It did not come as too surprising that she is now a household name in the budding Sierra Leone film industry. 

Additionally, she has played interesting and demanding roles in movies acted on-site in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and the UK since then. The movies include State Crime 2; Wilkinson Road (TV series); Refugee; Stupid Jealous Man 2; Deep in the Game (Reloaded); Deep in the Game (Revolution); Breaking Free; Cat & Mouse; Lek Lek; Deadly Twins and Elephant in the Room (Ramsey Films); Sister for Sale;  Intertwine (TV series); Refuge (Nigeria for DSTV);  King Scepter (Nigeria for DSTV ). To name but a few.

Among other accolades, she was nominated Best Actress of the year 2017 and Best Supporting Actress (in a film, Elephant in the Room) In the National Entertainment Awards. She won actress of the year 2018 (Sister’s Choice Award).

At Salone Messenger, we had an exclusive interview with her.

What sort of character do you like play and why?

Every character is unique, and to be able to be a different person in different movies to me is the best part of being an actor so am a versatile actress.

If someone would want to depict your life into a movie, who would you suggest to play you?

Kadija Answer

‘’Someone who will bring my story to reality.’’

When did you act your first movie and what was it title?

Kadija Answer

‘’I acted my first movie in 2008, titled “Tears on my pillow.”

What’s your favorite movie you have acted and why?

Kadija Answer

‘’Whenever I accept a script and agree to do the job it’s because I love the story, they are all my favorite.’’

 Who do you look up to (as an actor/director/etc.)?

Kadija Answer

 ‘’I look up to God for the Wisdom and understanding he is giving me everyday’’

How is your perfect Sunday afternoon look like?

Kadija Answer

‘’My perfect Sunday will be me eating “boku boku” food and watch movies or tv shows at home, and maybe read a book.’’

When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal, what do you spend that time doing?

Kadija Answer

‘’I use my five minute break to check my phone, reply to messages and return phone calls if there’s any.’’

What do you do when you are not into cinematography activities?

Kadija Answer

‘’When I’m not filming, I engaged myself with event management stuff.’’

Which male actor in or out of Sierra Leone would you like to act with and why?

Kadija Answer

‘’I would like to act with Mike Ezuruonye a Nigerian actor, because he is a versatile actor like me. He can crash any role given to him. He is a fantastic actor.’’

If you are given an opportunity to change two things in the Sierra Leone movie industry what would they be?

Kadija Answer

‘’First, I will enforce the film policy and piracy act and fight against piracy. I will encourage people to stop putting movie with very bad production value in the Market.’’

What message do you have for your fans?

Kadija Answer

‘’To my fans I love them I appreciate and thank them for being part of my life and let them continue to hang in there with me I will bring them more goodies very soon by the grace of God’’

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  1. What a super star and a great personality to recon with.
    A lots has been said and I can proudly affirm to all that has been said because I’ve been a living testimony to her generosity.
    Push up my lady as our good Lord will bless your heart desires tremendously. 🌷♥️

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