Meet Itumeleng Tshikalaha: 30-Year-Old South African Art Entrepreneur Sparking Curiosity In Visual Arts

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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30-year-old South African, Itumeleng Tshikalane, a  law student, mother of two,is the owner of   132 Art Gallery in South Africa. The 132 Art Gallery seeks to spark curiosity through the visual arts, instilling a greater cultural understanding by presenting the work of outstanding artists, using the power of art to engage, motivate and inspire. Crowned as the destination for investment art, and a marvel for collectors, 132 Art Gallery offers a diverse portfolio of one-of-a-kind investment art. They promote African Artwork by known and emerging African artists. Pushing the narrative ” the African Art is investment art” thus building lifelong legacies in the art world.

132 Art Gallery
132 Art Gallery

“At 132 Art Gallery we take pride in the fact that our art pieces are one of a kind, and our client’s investment in the art painting is preserved by its exclusivity.” She told …. During an interview

Itumeleng Tshikalane  was greatly inspired by her husband, George Mulaudzi, who is an artist and always had his paintings around the house, though, in the medical field, they saw an opportunity to have his artwork and saw a gap in the market to promote his work as her first exclusive artist inhouse and then they looked for space and got other artists on board and that is how 132 Art Gallery began – black-owned and women-owned.

132 Art Gallery

The business exhibit artists work at a minimum fee, they charge less than the standard commission rate as in most galleries and work on marketing the artist and promote them internationally. they are specific in choosing one-of-a-kind artwork and that has been their selling point in art, art being an investment. The client or art lover gets to buy and own a painting that nobody else will ever own and while doing so, can opt to sell in later years and get a profit. The artists that work with them use the medium oil on canvas, meaning the painting will last over 100 years + and that is what building a legacy in the arts means, by Africans for Africans. They would like to see all artists that work with us be auctioned on Bloombergs and Sothebys and seeing African Art flourish.

132 Art Gallery

“Our clients take comfort in knowing that they are the only person in the world with that one specific art painting hanging on their wall or stored in their vault.” She explained during an interview

Itumeleng Tshikalane business is a team of 6 people that are permanent staff. The Curator / Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Administrator, The Information and Technology, Contact and Support Agents, Office Manager. They also employ 20 people that help them during exhibitions, events, and doing promotions on a part-time basis.

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