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Reading: Meet Genevieve Charlene Lubanya Brewah: 9-Year-Old Sierra Leonean-American Author
Reading: Meet Genevieve Charlene Lubanya Brewah: 9-Year-Old Sierra Leonean-American Author

Meet Genevieve Charlene Lubanya Brewah: 9-Year-Old Sierra Leonean-American Author

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Genevieve Charlene Lubanya Brewah
Genevieve Charlene Lubanya Brewah

Genevieve Charlene Lubanya Brewah is a remarkable 9-year-old Sierra Leonean-American author with a passion for writing and a deep love for history. She has written about five books, of which one has been recently published.

From a very young age, Genevieve’s curiosity knew no bounds, and this curiosity fueled her writing journey

Inspired by her Sierra Leonean mother’s encouragement to read 20 books a day and write book reports, Genevieve began penning her own stories and illustrations at a very young age.

The Early Years

At the tender age of four, Genevieve started writing short stories and creating her own illustrations. Her mother, Mrs Musu Gloryyaema Jaiah, a native from Sierra Leone, recognizing her talent and dedication, kept her sketches secure and always complimented her work. The young writer began typing her stories on the family computer, pouring out her imagination onto the screen

A Superhero for Children

As Genevieve continued her reading journey, she came across a book titled ‘Superheroes Are Everywhere’ by Kamala Harris. This book sparked a thought in her young mind – if anyone can be a superhero, why can’t she be one for the children of this world? This idea planted the seed of a mission in Genevieve’s heart, a mission to inspire children and help them understand history through her stories

The Night of the Soldiers

One of Genevieve’s notable achievements is the publication of her book,The Night of the Soldiers.This captivating historical fiction tells the story of a little Jewish girl and her family who are forced to escape for their lives during World War II. The family faces tremendous hardship and are forced to leave behind their closest companion. Together, they embark on a journey in search of safety and freedom.

A Passion for Historical Fiction

Genevieve, now a fifth grader at Halls Cross Roads Elementary School in Harford County, Maryland, continues to combine her vivid imagination with extensive research to create fascinating stories. Her mission is to immerse readers, especially children, in the perspectives of those who truly experienced historical events. She believes that historical fiction and nonfiction stories have the power to make history come alive and foster a deeper understanding

Achievements and Awards

Genevieve has been recognized for her exceptional talent and dedication. She has received the Carson Scholars aAward, a prestigious honor that celebrates academic excellence and community service in the United States of America where she and her parents reside. Additionally, she has represented her school at the Young Scholars Program (Pathways in STEM) at Villanova University in Philadelphia.

Inspiring Through Words

Genevieve’s passion for writing and her commitment to inspiring children through historical fiction and nonfiction stories is truly commendable. Through her words, she hopes to ignite a love for learning about the past and encourage young readers to explore the depths of history.

Click here to read her book

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