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Reading: MAMA SALONE Foundation Unveils Cultural Runway Fashion 2023: Celebrating Sierra Leone’s Rich Heritage
Reading: MAMA SALONE Foundation Unveils Cultural Runway Fashion 2023: Celebrating Sierra Leone’s Rich Heritage

MAMA SALONE Foundation Unveils Cultural Runway Fashion 2023: Celebrating Sierra Leone’s Rich Heritage

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 4 Min Read
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The MAMA SALONE Foundation proudly announces the highly anticipated “MAMA SALONE Cultural Runway Fashion 2023,” a sensational event celebrating the country’s vibrant cultural heritage. With the theme “LET LIVE, LET BREATHE IT AND LETS EXPRESS IT – OUR MAMA SALONE CULTURE,”

Set to take place at Wusum Hotel Apex on the 3rd of November 2023, the event will kick off with an enchanting Red Carpet event at 7 PM, followed by the dazzling Fashion Runway at 8:30 PM.

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In an inspiring gathering at Wusum Hotel in Makeni on 22nd July 2023, Admire Blessing Conteh, the Founder of the Mama Salone Children Foundation and Modeling Agency, unveiled a remarkable initiative aimed at transforming the lives of vulnerable children. Titled “Mama Salone Cultural Runway Fashion,” the event garnered attention from various esteemed figures, including the President of the Makeni Models Union, Patrick Babah Koroma, journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers, while Idrissa Jerry Kargbo, the Manager of both the foundation and the modeling agency, chaired the event.

Conteh passionately conveyed the importance of the occasion, emphasizing that it would showcase the beauty and splendor of Sierra Leone’s cultural heritage. “This extraordinary event will transport you back to the 1990s, a golden era of Sierra Leone’s cultural dressing, as we embark on an edutainment journey to honor and celebrate the rich heritage of Mama Salone’s clothing tradition,” she stated with enthusiasm.


The Founder expressed her deep appreciation for Sierra Leone’s culture and affirmed that the “Mama Salone Cultural Runway Fashion” event would go beyond mere fashion. Instead, it would be a harmonious blend of edutainment, intending to reclaim the nation’s heritage and celebrate its unique identity. Conteh stressed that the event would be a groundbreaking initiative by the Children Foundation and the Modeling Agency, aiming to reignite the flames of the country’s true Salone identity, reconnect with its roots, and preserve its cultural legacy.

The “Mama Salone Cultural Runway Fashion” event will encompass various categories, including young models, and is scheduled to take place on the 3rd of November 2023 at Wusum Hotel. Tickets will be available in different categories, ranging from patron, table for four, VIP, and VVIP, offering a diverse experience to attendees.

During the launch, President Patrick Babah Koroma expressed his overwhelming support for the event, emphasizing its significance in making modeling more appealing while showcasing the nation’s unique culture. “I’m elated to be here today because these are the events we are always anticipating, making modeling attractive, as well as showcasing our unique culture,” he shared with enthusiasm.

Koroma praised the Mama Salone Modeling Agency, highlighting its commitment to abide by the constitution of the Makeni Models Union. He reiterated the union’s unwavering support for the agency, citing its exceptional dedication to catering to models of different age categories, further solidifying the agency’s importance within the modeling community.

With Admire Blessing Conteh’s vision and the wholehearted support from influential figures like Patrick Babah Koroma, the “Mama Salone Cultural Runway Fashion” event is set to be a remarkable celebration of Sierra Leone’s cultural heritage and a testament to the unity and inclusivity that will reignite the nation’s pride and identity.

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