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Reading: Luawa FC CEO, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, visits Eastern Branch
Reading: Luawa FC CEO, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, visits Eastern Branch

Luawa FC CEO, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, visits Eastern Branch

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Luawa Football Club’s management recently paid a visit to one of its branches located in Kankalay, Old Road Brima Lane, in the east end of Freetown. The visit was attended by the CEO, Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai, the Secretary-General, Mohamed Sesay, and the Head and Technical Director, Sebastian Bowles. The visit aimed to engage with the players and coaching staff and provide them with training equipment valued at tens of millions of Leones. The equipment included footballs and bibs, among other items.

During the presentation of the equipment to a crowded hall, the CEO emphasized the importance of discipline and the development of good citizenship through football. He encouraged the young players to not only focus on their football training but also prioritize education and supporting their families. The CEO acknowledged that not all of them would become professional footballers but emphasized the value of becoming successful professionals in law and medicine. He stressed the fact that football should go hand in hand with education.

Coach Sebastian Bowles further reinforced the message of discipline and respect. He urged the young players to attend training sessions punctually and to listen attentively to their coaches, parents, and teachers. Coach Bowles also mentioned his commitment to visiting the academy once a week and participating in the training sessions.

Mohamed Sesay, the Secretary-General, expressed gratitude on behalf of Luawa FC for the warm reception and extended his appreciation to all involved. He highlighted the importance of teamwork and encouraged the players to continue working hard and supporting one another.

Following the general gathering, a separate meeting was held with Coach Lala and his two teams. During this meeting, the rules and guidelines for running the academy were discussed, ensuring everyone was on the same page regarding expectations and responsibilities.

Luawa FC Eastern Academy has 120 players across various age groups, including U10, U12, U15, U17, and a female team. The academy aims to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for young players to develop their football skills while emphasizing character-building values.

Overall, the visit by Luawa FC’s management to their eastern branch was a significant event, reinforcing the club’s commitment to the holistic development of young players. By providing training equipment and emphasizing the importance of education and discipline, the club aims to instill valuable life skills in the players, preparing them not only for success in football but also for success in their future endeavors.


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