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Love at first sight: Episode three

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By Festus Conteh 

Love at first sight: Episode three

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Previously on Love at first sight

Love at first sight: Episode three, I stood for a while reminiscent of my past life clouded my mind; I started thinking as to how I suddenly changed to something beautiful as this one. For a beautiful lady to show such an interest like this and I was somewhat shying away doesn’t seem normal after all. Those days I enjoy having a lot of ladies around, I felt like a slap on my face whenever I failed to sleep with a new girl each night. But my life suddenly changed since I crossed path with this girl I named “Twin Flame”. For honesty’s sake, every man will wish for a life-changing event but not turning down a rich beautiful lady on the surface of this earth. Sonia felt embarrassed and angrily asked her driver to drive off. I stand there for a while shaking my head. I keep going as the embarrassing hill keeps doing my legs somehow I don’t understand…

Episode Three

So I walked faster as my legs can. I finally reached my destination a triangular shape like a house painted with brown and black. Without wasting time I knocked at the gate thrice. “Na what da one day?” I heard a voice from inside the compound “Na Morris“ I identified myself as the gateman whose name is Zombo opened the gate after identifying my voice. “How u dae do Mr Morris?” as he stretches his hand towards me for a handshake “Ar day sir” I shook his hand “Uncle dae inside eh?” I asked in anticipation “Yes sir” Mr Zombo is that polite old man who always gives people utmost respect, countless times I have asked him to stop referring to me as sir I said let him just take me as his son but he always gives back a smile without uttering a word. I walked passed him and climbed the steps to the house as soon as I stand in front of the door it automatically opened it’s a facial recognition automated door. I walked straight to the sitting room where I met my uncle (Uncle Max) sitting on his sofa watching his favorite TV program “Good Morning Salone”  on AYV TV he felt my presence and turned to take a quick glance at me “Look who is here” he gets up. “Good morning Uncle Max,” I said with grin clad my face as I open my hands walking towards my uncle for a hug. “How are you, high man?”   Uncle Max asked. The name high man is the name Uncle Max gave to me since when I was a kid.  He’s the only one calling me that name and he loves calling me that. “I am fine Uncle Max” I replied as we hugged. “How is your course”? Uncle Max asked “Fine uncle” he shook my hand again with a broad smile. “Uncle Max, where is Cecilia”? I asked in anticipation. “Oh yeah, she is inside her room” he replied “All right uncle, let me see her” I requested. “No problem at all” Uncle Max assured me. I walked straight upstairs to the second floor; I walked past the first room by my right, I didn’t want Cecilia to know that I am around I started tiptoeing majestically. I suppressed my breath so as not to make any sound. As I walked close to her door she clears her throat “come in silly boy” she cunningly said and started laughing. I can’t bear her bully; most of the time proves to be a very lovely and caring cousin. We had a deal that each time I entered her room without her knowledge she is going to pay me. If she notices my entrance I should be the one paying her. “For all, I care you are a passionate cheat,” I said angrily said to her. She burst into laughter; laughing is the most annoying part of her because she always knocks my head each time she laughs. This time again without hesitation her wicked left hand rested on my head. “Small boy wants to form muscle,” said Cecilia as she continues laughing. “An intelligent cannot strike somebody while laughing. For the records, I don’t come with money today so don’t expect any payment”. I said to her.

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