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Reading: Larry Madowo Returns to BBC After 3 Years with CNN
Reading: Larry Madowo Returns to BBC After 3 Years with CNN

Larry Madowo Returns to BBC After 3 Years with CNN

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Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo

n a surprising turn of events, renowned journalist Larry Madowo has announced his return to the BBC after an illustrious three-year stint with CNN. Madowo, known for his incisive reporting and captivating storytelling, shared this momentous news via social media, stating, “Some personal news: after 3 incredible years with CNN, I’m excited to share that I’ve returned to the BBC in Washington.”

A Journey of Excellence

Madowo’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. From his early days as a correspondent in Nairobi, Kenya, to his international assignments covering business, technology, politics, and current affairs, he has consistently delivered impactful journalism. His work has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as The Guardian, The Washington Post, and CNN International.

The Decision to Return

In an exclusive interview, Madowo shed light on his decision to leave the bustling newsrooms of New York and rejoin the BBC. “My desire to raise the standards of foreign media coverage of Africa was a driving force,” he explained. “The BBC’s commitment to global reporting and its extensive reach align perfectly with my vision.”

A Nomad’s Journey

Madowo, a self-proclaimed nomad, has traversed continents, leaving his mark in cities like Johannesburg, London, and New York. Now, he returns to the heart of political power in Washington, D.C., where he will continue to shape narratives and provide insightful analysis.

Industry Reactions

Colleagues and industry peers have expressed their excitement about Madowo’s move. “Larry’s return to the BBC is a win for journalism,” remarked a fellow correspondent. “His unique perspective and dedication to truth-telling make him an invaluable asset.”

As Larry Madowo embarks on this new chapter, the global media landscape eagerly awaits his contributions. His blend of wit, gravitas, and unyielding curiosity promises to enrich our understanding of the world.

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