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Reading: Kao Denero Allegedly Rejected by LAJ for Prison Visit
Reading: Kao Denero Allegedly Rejected by LAJ for Prison Visit

Kao Denero Allegedly Rejected by LAJ for Prison Visit

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 24 Views 2 Min Read
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Popular Sierra Leonean hip-hop artist and entertainment ambassador, Amara Denis Turay, also known as Kao Denero, recently encountered an alleged rejection by fellow hip-hop artist Alhaji Amadu Bah, better known by his stage name LAJ

Kao Denero had intended to pay a visit to Boss La at the Male Correctional Center in Freetown, but was reportedly denied entry.

In a video shared on social media, Kao Denero expressed his disappointment, revealing that he and LAJ had made an agreement the day before for the visit. However, when he arrived at the prison, he was unexpectedly turned away.

Kao emphasized that the visit was intended to be a private one, not something he had discussed with anyone else. However, due to the rejection, he felt compelled to inform the public about the incident.

“You are down and your brother decided to visit you, but you rejected him,” Kao Denero lamented, expressing his disappointment.

Despite the rejection, Kao Denero extended his best wishes to LAJ, indicating that he still holds positive sentiments towards him.

 on June 12, 2022, LaJ found himself under arrest and faced charges of committing a violent robbery. The incident involved the theft of a substantial amount, specifically four million two hundred thousand old Leones (Le 4,200,000), as well as the assault of a pump attendant resulting in actual bodily harm. The unfortunate incident took place at the Leonco filling station situated on Water Street in Congo Cross, Freetown.

Following his arrest, LaJ remained in detention for a period of nine months, awaiting the legal proceedings. Eventually, after due process, he received his verdict earlier this year. The court sentenced LaJ to a substantial prison term of nine year

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