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Reading: Inspiring Young Leaders: Coming Soon, The “What If I Become Prefect” Series Teaches Leadership Skills in a Creative Way
Reading: Inspiring Young Leaders: Coming Soon, The “What If I Become Prefect” Series Teaches Leadership Skills in a Creative Way

Inspiring Young Leaders: Coming Soon, The “What If I Become Prefect” Series Teaches Leadership Skills in a Creative Way

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Leadership is a crucial aspect of our lives, and it starts from home. The way we speak and do things together with our families and loved ones can significantly influence our leadership qualities. It is essential to recognize the importance of leadership skills and cultivate them from an early age.

The “What If I Become Prefect” series is an excellent example of how we can teach children and young adults about leadership skills. The series covers various aspects of leadership, including being a leader at home, school, and the community. It is a creative and engaging way to impart valuable lessons about leadership to young minds.

The creators of the series, Creation WORLD Sierra Leone, are a group of talented individuals based in Makeni. They use powerful stories to inspire and impact lives positively. Their mission is to create a better world through their creative work.

As a community, we should support initiatives like this that aim to educate and empower our youth. By doing so, we can create a generation of leaders who will contribute positively to our society’s growth and development.

It is also essential to recognize that creativity knows no bounds, and we should encourage and support creative individuals and groups in our communities. The creators of the “What If I Become Prefect” series have used their creativity to inspire and educate young people about leadership skills. We should celebrate and support their efforts.

In conclusion, leadership starts from home, and it is crucial to cultivate leadership skills from an early age. The “What If I Become Prefect” series is an excellent initiative that teaches young people about leadership in a creative and engaging way. Let us support initiatives like this and encourage creativity in our communities.

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About the head of creatives

Mohamed Dauda Kamara is a Sierra Leonean Journalist, book Author, poet activist and author of the book Tatamina born in Kono District, the eastern part of Sierra Leone, He works for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation in Makeni as a Presenter, Video Editor, camera operator, Reporter and Producer. His Book titled TATAMINA focused on our country’s culture, Traditional names, teenage pregnancy, strength of a woman, and abuse on women.  Mohamed Dauda Kamara holds a diploma in English Language and Literature revised and diploma in journalism revised from Alison in Ireland and has a certificate in Mass communication from the University of  Makeni. He did his primary and secondary school in Kono District, he attended the Pakistan Salone friendship primary school, Ansarul secondary school and Yengema secondary school respectively. He later moved to Makeni where he furthered his senior secondary school. He attended the Makeni Comprehensive academy where he sat to the West Africa Examination Council.

While in school,  Mohamed Dauda Kamara  served as head boy of the Ansarul Islamic Junior Secondary School in Yengema, Kono District, Eastern Sierra Leone and also served as head boy of the Makeni comprehensive  academy in Makeni, Bombali District, Northern Sierra Leone.

Mohamed Dauda Kamara journey of writing began as a little boy and always has his father as his best mentor. Over the course of his career, he has been regarded by many people as a good writer.

Mohamed Dauda Kamara was inspired to be journalist when he was in his secondary school at the Yengema secondary school, he served as script editor, presenter and producer news for the school team. This inspired him to go into the world of journalism.

Mohamed Dauda Kamara while growing, was a fervent readers of books written by different authors, while reading, he was more particular to read books written by Sierra Leonean authors talking about our country’s culture, norms, traditional names like it is in the several books he has read written by foreign authors including things fall apart.

At an early age, he started asking himself questions around why aren’t their Sierra Leonean authors writing about our culture, traditions and traditional names, He wanted do something about this, He wanted to write a book depicting our culture, names and traditions. He started visiting nearby villages to learn about their tribe, culture and traditions. Being a journalist, his interest has always been giving voice to voiceless, after an extensive research, he chose the Yalunka tribe which is among the tribe with less population. He did so to give voice to the tribe and also talk about the tradition of the tribe. This greatly inspired him to write the book Tatamina, a book he wrote in four days. The word Tatamina is from our country’s Yalunka tribe which is among the smallest ethnic group in Sierra Leone. The Tatamina means cane stick which is a name given to a dog for saving the life of a child who falls in in the river.

He is also the founder of creation world Sierra Leone, a group he founded in 2016 to train pupils and students the arts of writings. In 2017, Dauda’s idiom was published by the China Global Television Network (CGTN)

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