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Reading: ICPNC Holds National Conversation on Reconciliation, Recognizing Media’s Vital Role in the Nation’s Peacebuilding
Reading: ICPNC Holds National Conversation on Reconciliation, Recognizing Media’s Vital Role in the Nation’s Peacebuilding

ICPNC Holds National Conversation on Reconciliation, Recognizing Media’s Vital Role in the Nation’s Peacebuilding

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Beresford Benjamin
By Beresford Benjamin 3 Min Read
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The Independent Commission for Peace and National Cohesion (ICPNC) organized a significant national conversation on reconciliation, with a special focus on engaging media owners and practitioners as key stakeholders in the nation.

The event took place at the ICPNC head office on Lamina Sankoh Street, Freetown, and brought together representatives from various media outlets to participate in this crucial dialogue.

In her opening remarks, Madam Aminata Samia, the Executive Secretary for the ICPNC, emphasized the pivotal role of the media as the fourth estate and essential players in fostering peace within the nation. She also highlighted the commission’s recent meetings with officials and civil society organizations (CSOs), underscoring the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders in the reconciliation process.

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Rev Johnson, Chairman of the ICPNC, expressed gratitude to the media for their commendable efforts during the recent elections. He emphasized the significance of the meeting and stressed the necessity of involving the media in the national conversation on reconciliation. The media’s reach and influence, he asserted, could play a vital role in promoting unity and understanding among diverse communities.

During the event, the participants were divided into four groups, each tasked with addressing seven crucial questions related to reconciliation. The aim was to identify underlying problems, propose potential solutions, and provide recommendations for building lasting peace and cohesion within the nation.

Representatives from various media outlets proudly led these groups and engaged in comprehensive discussions to outline effective strategies for promoting reconciliation. Their unique perspectives and experiences added valuable insights to the conversation.

Madam Aminata Samia highlighted the importance of this collaborative approach in achieving sustainable peace in the country. She acknowledged the media’s ability to shape public opinion and facilitate constructive dialogue among different groups, thus contributing significantly to the nation’s peacebuilding efforts.

The ICPNC’s commitment to involving the media as key partners in reconciliation is a positive step toward a united and harmonious society. The insights gained from this national conversation are expected to inform policies and initiatives that will foster understanding, empathy, and healing among all citizens.

As the dialogue concluded, the media representatives expressed their dedication to supporting the reconciliation process and pledged to use their platforms responsibly to promote peace and unity in the nation. With the media’s active involvement, the ICPNC’s endeavors toward national reconciliation are set to make meaningful strides.

The national conversation has set a precedent for future collaborations between the media and peace-building institutions, emphasizing the critical role the media plays in shaping public opinion and fostering understanding among diverse communities. Through continued cooperation and open dialogue, Sierra Leone can move forward on the path to a more harmonious and united future.

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