How bad governance got Limkowing University in shambles

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Festus Conteh Festus131
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One will still feel unease to live in a country where politicians promise and do not fulfill. That’s not the case here, the fact that all political parties can write a two hundred bunch of pages of what they call manifesto during campaigns doesn’t make anyone better in this part of the world we found ourselves when they come to power. To what I understand, the government is a continual process that works for the interest of the state and its citizens just like how the tollgate project was smoothly transitioned from an APC project to a project of the present SLPP government.


The students of the Limkokwing Creative University who passed through the right channel at the time set up by the previous government to acquire SLG scholarships are now wallowing in regrets. Devoid of all other articles that have been claiming Limkokwing University is here to extract our tax payer’s money and cart away with it.

There are students that are in the final year of their courses and some year three. If we look at it in the economical aspect, the past government spent our tax payer’s money on these students to innovatively build their careers and later give back to society. If this government abandon them without paying their fees (whereas most of those students come from a poor background that even finds it difficult to provide three meals per day), meaning all our tax payer’s monies will be going in vain because the students will have absolutely nothing to show for the money the past government spent.

However, one of our Salone Messengers had an interview with one of the victims at Limkokwing University.

Can you tell us more about Limkokwing University?

“Limkokwing University Sierra Leone is a private institution established by the led EBK Governance who thought it fit that, it is better to have great institutions than great people in a nation. Scholarships were granted to qualified citizens who are entitled to quality education but not able to pay tuition fees.

However, it is an international university with a global presence across 3 continents. With over 30,000 students coming from more than 165 countries, studying in its 13 campuses in Botswana, Cambodia, eSwatini, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and United Kingdom. The University has established worldwide recognition through its innovative brand of creative education merging the best of east and west education.,  the future and success of a country is shaped and defined by people who think out of the box—people who are moving with the trend of the world i.e. 21st century.

Me being a Limkokwing student is a great blessing for my qualification and interest and to be frank with Salone Messenger, studying at Limkokwing University has created a great impact on my success. To speak, I happen to be in USL once so I know the poor system there, compared to ours, Limkokwing is the only university in Sierra Leone where lecturers have to give an account of each and every student he/she lectures. It’s the only university where you will have the access to do things practically, to cap what am saying as a semester 4 student in Business Information Technology I can now develop an application, create a network topology, etc. So if I become a Limkokwing University graduate, it will pave a smooth way for me to be successful and eventually make my country a better place because of the innovation involved”.

Tell us in-depth on how you acquired the SLG Scholarship?

“I applied to the ministry of education science and technology for Limkokwing University scholarship. I submitted my acceptance and WASSCE result with a scratch card attached to it. I was shortlisted for an interview because I met the requirements. I went through the interview and the process was successful in which questions where fired and I was asked “what is the difference between A- business and E-commerce?” The question was digested well. I received an authentic letter of awardee from MEST that clearly spelled out that the Government has chosen me as a beneficiary and there were clauses that were indicated there openly that I should not fail else the sponsorship will be taken and given to another, I should abide by the laws of the institution, I should consult MEST if I may wish+ to change the course of study and last of all, after graduation I have to serve the government for two(2) years in a form of payback which we gladly accepted. Because to me, it’s a golden opportunity to be grabbed with both hands”.

Upon this huge money you guys were receiving as a scholarship, how do you hope to give back to the country?

 “Just like I mentioned initially that there were clauses indicated in the letter and it binding for us to comply. As patriotic citizens we are willing to serve our nation, showcase, and change the narrative of people. Change the mind-sets of our brothers and sisters who happen to be in these traditional universities. Our theme is not to seek for employment but to be entrepreneurs who will create job opportunities for the masses. Limkokwing University is the only university where students are schooling at the same time giving excellent output in their working institution. To speak currently I’m working and I happen to be the head of I.T Support. These are clauses we all sworn in to uphold”.

Psychologically how hard does this debacle hit you?

”Psychological the negligence of the government to pay our fees has totally destroyed the fabric of our learning. It a crystal display that we are discriminated against and taken out of the process of having a quality education. As the Financial Secretary of the ministry of finance spoke to 98.1 he clearly spelt out that they set priorities and Limkokwing University is not a pressing one, therefore, they will not leave their students in their local universities and pay for us. To speak the politics of the hard fact is seriously playing on our matters with reference to what the minister of tertiary education said (professor) “Limkokwing is a private institution and is not established by our Government so if you continue coming to here I will teargas you all and I have the power to close your university” I’m not speaking politics here, although man by nature is a political animal but let this led PAOPA government deviate our issue from politics. Let them realize that we the very selves voted them in. I’m a core SLPP Supporter to cap what I am saying. Precisely speaking, this action has discouraged us from even studying, it great molestation and shameful act when I remember the time I enrolled at Limkokwing University, my younger brother who just entered USL 2017 is now a BSc holder in applied accounting. It really a painful moment for us to spend six to seven years only on the undergraduate programs. This delay of fees payment has really pest us. Indeed our neighbors are asking a series of questions when is your graduation? Are you people repeating? Or studying medicine? These questions are unsavory to the highest degree. We have been objects of mockery, society has turned us into laughing stuff moreover when we called ourselves young professionals they boldly told us to redraw that slogan and change it to old professionals. This is equally not treating us well, psychologically we are blown off, and the government is doing nothing about it.”

What message would you like to send to the Government of Sierra Leone and International NGOs? “The message I will like to send viral is to plead to the government to pay our fees. We are your children please our future is at stake and we promise to pay back after graduation. To give testimony, we are highly benefiting from Limkokwing University of creative technology. Yes, it clear that our fees are exorbitant compared to our economy but at the same time let compare and contrast the value for money. Let accept the fact that it not going in vain (there is a positive outcome at the end of the day) I’m a student at Limkokwing University I exactly know what is happening there. The service rendering at Limkokwing is more than the money paid.  You all will agree with me that quality education is expensive in any part of the world you happen to be. Limkokwing supposed to be expensive checking how much they are spending on electricity, network, equipment, staff, and even to us the students. Most of our modules are lectures by foreign lecturers who are professionals. Management is paying a huge sum in order to motivate workers to have the enthusiasm to deliver the best. Be a Limkokwing graduate because we are simply the best. Thanks to the government of Sierra Leone for considering my appeal and to you Salone Messengers for re-echoing our cry to the world”

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