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Reading: Housemates Salone gets international sponsors
Reading: Housemates Salone gets international sponsors

Housemates Salone gets international sponsors

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The Chief Executive Officer of AYV Media Empire, Ambassador Anthony Navo Junior, thanked the two companies on behalf of his major partner, Africell, for the partnership. He added that the Housemates Salone Season three will this year go global via their DSTV platform. He assured that his entity will give the sponsors the platform they deserve to showcase their products.

The CEO thanked the two companies’ representatives for facilitating the process. “We hope to deliver according to the provision standards of DSTV,” he assured.

The sponsorship package includes cash support, products, and endorsement of Ambassadors for the various products during the TV Reality Show.

Earlier, Dr. Ezekiel Duramani Lakkoh of AYV revealed that Housemates Salone is a social reality platform established by AYV to recreate the minds of young Sierra Leoneans. “It is an ‘Edutainment’ that involves Sierra Leoneans coming onboard to shape their attitudes and characters,” he said.

A Civil Society Activist, William Sao Lamin expressed nice sentiments about the partnership and prayed that it yields its desired results.

The signing of the partnership agreement by AVY representatives and the two companies’ rep, climaxed the ceremony.

For the first time in the history of Sierra Leone, a Television Reality Show is proud to have two international sponsors that are now competing with local sponsors in this year’s Housemates Salone Season 3, which is organized by the African Young Voices (AYV) media empire. X-Pression and Storm have internationally recognized brands that have served as major sponsors of Big Brother Nigeria. Their coming to Sierra Leone to sponsor the widely acclaimed TV Reality show is something that will go a very long way in the history of the country.

The sponsorship was announced on Wednesday 23rd March 2022 at the AYV Conference in Freetown, where the Local Representative for the two companies, Remigius Okafor, Head of Remez Commercial Enterprize said he is moved by the opportunities given to young people in Sierra Leone, which therefore inspired him to go out for international sponsors for the Housemates Salone that is aimed at empowering young Sierra Leoneans. “If we manage young people well, they will impact society,” he said and furthered that Housemates Salone will enjoy a three years sponsorship from Storm and furthered that X-Pression, which is one of the major hair producers in the world is happily sponsoring the event also. “This is all about bringing young people forward and exposing them to do positive reality things that impact society,” Okafor said.

His business partner, Johnson Jeremiah described young people as one of Sierra Leone’s greatest assets that always want to explore good things. “We came to explore the opportunities given by AVY and we are proud to support the process,” he said.

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