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Haji’s Gypsum Board And Tiling Design Poised to empower over 20 young people in Sierra Leone 

Mustapha Haji Mansaray, founder of the Haji’s Gypsum Board And Tiling Design is poised to empower by the end of the year. 

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Mustapha Haji Mansaray is the founder of Haji’s Gypsum Board And Tiling Design a Sierra Leonean designs and installations of Gypsum Board, Tiles, Mastic, Painting, PVC company. Mustapha Haji Mansaray is one of the few Sierra Leoneans who is experienced in modern day type of ceiling, interior designs, Modern houses, business places and more. Haji’s Gypsum Board And Tiling Design specializes in designs and installations of Gypsum Board, Tiles, Mastic, Painting, PVC, etc. The  company has a team and experience and dedicated young Sierra Leoneans.

Mustapha Haji decided to learn the arts of designs and installation of gypsum board from experienced people in the business, plus few online tutorials. “He was motivated by a friend, who came to install the board in their house.” Vertex Media Reports 

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Modern houses, business places, are in high demand of gypsum board design and installation. It has replaced the old fashioned way of ceiling. This business was predominantly in the hands of foreigners over the years, but young Sierra Leoneans like Haji, have ventured into this business with the competence and experience in the job.




Haji has proven that young can be entrusted will service delivery, as he has done several homes with proven quality work to the absolute satisfaction of his clients. It imperative on us Sierra Leoneans to patronize a Sierra Leonean brand and business.

Source: Vertex Media

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