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From Street Hawker To Mandela Washington Fellow Alumni: The True Life Story of Aminata F Kandeh

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From Street Hawker  To Mandela Washington Fellow Alumni: The True Life Story of Aminata F Kandeh

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At age 12, Aminata F Kandeh started her entrepreneurship journey, during school holidays Aminata will sell plastic items like rubber buckets, rubber bowls, rubber cups, and proceeds made will be used for her schooling.

Aminata F Kandeh is the founder and CEO of the first Sierra Leonean-owned Aquaculture company – Agro Fish Farm SL Ltd,

In a post on LinkedIn, Aminata celebrated her success after becoming a Mandela Washington Fellow Alumni.

“I am official a Mandela Washington Fellow Alumni, it was not an easy task but I made it. Thanks to everyone for your support throughout the fellowship from the application, interview, pre-fellowship, fellowship, and graduation. This is more feathers to my cap, TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS EXPECTED TOO  I will keep up the good work and continue creating an impact for more women, youths, and girls in my community, country, and the world at large.





Born in Kenema, Aminata F Kandeh is a 32-year-old Sierra Leonean entrepreneur working in the agri-business sector Aquaculture and the founder of the first Sierra Leonean Aquaculture company in Sierra Leone. Agro Fish Farm Company SL Ltd aimed at advancing the fish farming business, producing freshwater table size tilapia and catfish. Their objective is to address the inadequate access to fresh and healthy fish in the Bo district. At age 12, Aminata F Kandeh started her entrepreneurship journey, during school holidays Aminata will sell plastic items like rubber buckets, rubber bowls, rubber cups, and proceeds made will be used for her schooling.


Growing up in Sierra Leone, Aminata F Kandeh started her education journey at the African women educationist (FAWE) in Freetown. In 2000 Aminata scored the highest aggregate since the opening of the school with 322. She continued her education at the Freetown secondary school, in 2010, Aminata enrolled at the Njala University Njala campus Moyambia district, where she studied Aquaculture and fisheries management. Aminata F Kandeh holds a Bsc Hons in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, a diploma in National Adaptation Plans, Building climate Resilience in Agriculture, a certificate in Extension Services, and also a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Growing up in Northern Sierra Leone, Aminata Fatmata Kandeh worked as a research assistant in an international, non-profit research organization that harnesses the potential of fisheries and aquaculture to reduce hunger and poverty.

Luck would smile on her when, in 2016, she had the opportunity to leave the desk for a field trip to a remote community, outside the capital. But what appeared to be an exciting journey became a sad tale on arrival.

Aminata represented Sierra Leone at the Young Africa Leader’s Initiative in Ghana 2017, South Africa in 2018 for the Obama Africa Leadership program, and Nigeria 2019 for Tech Build Point Entrepreneurship program. In 2016, whilst working in Tonkolili District (Nothern Region), as Agriculture/Aquaculture Research assistant at the World Fish Center traveling to remote communities and learning about wetland environment in the country, it was then she realized that people in rural communities find it very difficult to access fresh and healthy fish, due to poor infrastructures like poor road network, lack of storage facilities, and power supply. And as a result of this, most of the children under five years, pregnant women, and suckling mothers are malnourished in these communities.

Aminata has been able to provide 5,000 fresh farmed fish to over 100 householders in Bo and its environs at a very affordable price and as well provide a job for 20 youths and women in Bo town. She looks forward to increasing her deployment units (fish ponds) creating more jobs targeting an increase in production level from 5tons to 10tons making more fresh fish available in the rural market.


During our conversation with young change-makers, we caught with Aminata as she took us through her inspiring journey.

Sallu kamuskay

What do you do in your line of work?

Aminata F Kandeh

“I am an entrepreneur working in agribusiness sector Aquaculture to specific. My company is the first Sierra Leonean Aquaculture Company in Sierra Leone. The aquaculture sector is still at its incubation stage, but notwithstanding me and team are working restlessly to ensure we develop and grow this industry”

Sallu Kamuskay

You are the founder and Chief Executive Officer of (CEO) Agro Fish Farm company SL Ltd? What would you say enable you to set up this initiative?

Aminata F Kandeh

“BY the grace of God I am the founder of Agro Fish Farm Company SL Ltd, it never cross my mind to establish a company but one clear thing was that I want to contribute to food security and I want to be self-reliant which our mum instill in us. Well, I will say due to my educational background and also having the privilege to work in an international fish farming company called WorldFish Center. Where I was able to acquire the practical  knowledge and get a feel of this noble field.”

Sallu Kamuskay

Tell us about the services the Agro Fish Farm company SL Ltd offer and where are your operation areas?

Aminata F Kandeh

“Agro Fish Farm is engaged in advance to fish farming business we produce freshwater table size tilapia and catfish. Our objective is to address the inadequate access to fresh and healthy fish in the Bo district. We are operating BO town and some of our products are life tilapia and catfish, partly processed tIlapia and catfish, and complete processed tilapia and catfish fish which help the customers spend less time in the kitchen.  We also provide the following services skills and development Training in Aquaculture, consultancy, and extension services and we also provide Aquaculture input like fingerlings and fish feed”

Sallu Kamuskay

Before setting up these farms, where have you worked before and what position did you hold?

Aminata F Kandeh

“After university, I have worked and serve in different positions and institutions. Ministry of Education as support staff, West Africa Rice Company as farm manager. WorldFish Center as Research Assistants, BRAC as a loan officer and NEC as a presiding officer “

Sallu kamuskay

Reflecting on your childhood or early youthful age, what was/were the difficult things you did to survive, acquire education, or any of your dream?

Aminata F Kandeh

“life in university was hard being the first child of my mother to enter university, I have to sell recharge card, egg and other things to see myself through university I called Amie top up by colleagues and lectures but all that didn’t  matter as long I was able to survive in university”

Sallu Kamuskay

How would you count on the impact of your work in fighting any of the Sustainable Development Goals?

Aminata F Kandeh

“My mission is to develop a food system that is inclusive and sustainable. My work is towards SDGs one, two, and three. I want to see my community, my country, my continent to free from food poverty irrespective of income status.”

Sallu Kamuskay

What would be your message to Sierra Leoneans?

Aminata F Kandeh

“I want all Sierra Leone to support small business in the most positive ways and also to we the small business owners  let be creative and produce quality for our people. “

Sallu Kamuskay

What do you do for fun?

Aminata F Kandeh

“watch movies, visit new places”

Sallu Kamuskay

How can you be reached? Your social media platforms and website?

Facebook a Agro fish farm SL Ltd

Instagram Agro fish farm SL Ltd

whatsApp by +23276223439

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