Founder of Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone, Dr Imambay Kamara Calls on All Sierra Leoneans to Register.

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
Sallu Kamuskay Sallu
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Dr Imambay Kamara, a global Humanitarian and disabled right activist, founder and president of the Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone currently based in the United Kingdom has call on Sierra Leoneans home and abroad to come out and get themselves registered to vote in the 2023 elections.

Dr Imambay Kamara during an interview with Salone Messenger, a global multimedia and public relations firm based in Sierra Leone, she calls on Sierra Leoneans most especially those living with disabilities to come out and register. “I am calling on every Sierra Leoneans to come out and register, I am sending a special message to those living with disabilities to go out and register. I am also appealing to the workers working for National Election Commission to treat those living with disability with special care.” She added.

Dr Imambay Kamara is recipient of several awards over the years for her contributions to improving the lives of people, building schools, Mosques and representing the voice of the disabled across the world, she was awarded the New Pan-African Princess.

Ambassador Dr Imambay Kadie Kamara is the President/Founder of Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone and also the President and Founder Dr Imambay Kadie Kamara Global FOUNDATION supporting vulnerable Women and Girls. Dr Imambay Kadie Kamara has continuously dedicated & themselves to transforming lives in various communities over years.

She is the International Ladies of All nations international Global Humanitarian Chairperson, Commonwealth Entrepreneur Club Global Ambassador Disability Rights Activist, Women and Children Activist, Inspirational Speaker Female Genital mutilation (F.G.M) Campaigner. Doctorate in HUMANITARIAN from the United State of America. She is one of the 100 most Successful Women in the world. The 50 most influential Women of her home Country Sierra Leone. Joe Biden PRESIDENT of America HUMANITARIAN Award, WEST AFRICA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT. She is the director of Gender Equality. Honorary member Giving Women Switzerland, Geneva. She is also a member of so many Women’s organisations. Dr Imambay Kamara is a mother of six children and is also blessed with four wonderful grandchildren. She is one dedicated, inspirational, kind and hard-working woman who has dedicated herself to helping disabled people around the world and is supporting thousands of disabled people of all categories as well as so many orphans and children, as a result during the time of the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Dr Imambay Kamara is a Female Genital mutilation survivor and Domestic VIOLENCE Survivor About the Global Humanitarian Award. The award Honors community services provided by citizens in surrounding communities for exemplary contributions and dedication to humanity, peace, the environment and philanthropy support within their current, national and international communities with this prestigious award of excellence.


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