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Reading: Former White House Assistant Director For Public Health launches The Mansaray Foundation
Reading: Former White House Assistant Director For Public Health launches The Mansaray Foundation

Former White House Assistant Director For Public Health launches The Mansaray Foundation

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Saibatu Mansaray                                                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10/28/2020

The Mansaray Foundation


From Sierra Leone to the White House and Back


WASHINGTON, D.C. — In order to help save mothers’ lives lost during childbirth in areas where the rate is six times higher than the global average, today marks the introduction of The Mansaray Foundation.

The non-profit organization will focus its efforts on driving down the death rates in the hardest hit areas of Sierra Leone. 

Maternal mortality remains a universally recognized public health priority, despite efforts and some success in addressing this issue. Sierra Leone currently has the highest maternal mortality rates in the world, where deaths from preventable childbirth complications are six times higher than the global average.

According to UNICEF’s latest report, in Sierra Leone, 1 in 17 mothers has a lifetime risk of dying in connection to childbirth compared to 1 out of 30,000 being at risk in Sweden. A Sierra Leonean woman is 300-400 times more likely to die from childbirth and is listed as one of the worst places to give birth alongside Chad, Central Republic of Africa, Nigeria and South Sudan.

The Problem: Women in developing countries suffer the most because of inaccessibility to facilities and skilled medical personnel. With younger women in rural areas being the most vulnerable. Founder, Saibatu Mansaray says, “no woman, despite geographic, economic, or literacy status should die from the complications of childbirth.”

The Opportunity: The Mansaray Foundation is immediately positioned to effect change by partnering with InovCares and CEO/Founder, Mohamed Kamara. Through this groundbreaking partnership, InovCares will provide 24/7 obstetric telehealthcare throughout the region. Kamara, a native Sierra Leonean, says, “We can not allow Sierra Leonean women to be forgotten, they deserve the best possible care.”

Sierra Leone leads the world with the highest maternal mortality rates (1,360 of every 100,000 live births). It has only 1.2 obstetric and newborn facilities per every 500,000 (the UN’s recommendation is 5 for every 500,000). WHO estimates that three quarters of maternal fatalities and complications can be prevented with access to the right medical staff and facilities.

Our Vision: A Sierra Leone where the maternal mortality rate is among the lowest five in Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Botswana and South Africa).

Our Mission: To utilize a simple, scalable and sustainable health-systemic approach to prevent maternal mortality, promote maternal health, and prolong the quality of life of rural women in Sierra Leone through multi-stakeholder partnerships that is in line with global best practices.

Strategic Priorities: Nested under 3 pillars:(1) Improve access to care; (2) Improve service delivery systems; and (3) Improve quality of care.

The initiative is the latest step in the long line of public service by Sierra Leone-native Saibatu Mansaray, a retired United States Army officer after 23-years of service and two tours of duty to Iraq.

Mansaray served as a White House Physician Assistant and Tactical Medical Officer to President Obama and Vice President Biden followed by Director of Medical Operations and Military Aide to two Vice Presidents. Upon retiring, Mansaray joined Vice President Pence’s team as his Director of Advance. Her final assignment was as a White House senior executive and Assistant Director for Public Health at the Office of National Drug Control Policy.


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