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Reading: 16 Year Old Nigerian Millionaire Tech Guru That Works For More Than 17 Firms Across The World
Reading: 16 Year Old Nigerian Millionaire Tech Guru That Works For More Than 17 Firms Across The World

16 Year Old Nigerian Millionaire Tech Guru That Works For More Than 17 Firms Across The World

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With the tech revolution taking over the world, it just takes the know-how to tap into the goldmine. A 16-year-old Nigerian tech guru, John Oseni is no exception as he indicates that tech is the next big thing in the world.

John, like every other kid, had his own aspirations before he drifted into the pool of tech. The Yewa North in Ogun State indigene was born in February 2006 to a professor of Biochemistry father and a retired civil servant mother

He had his elementary education at Best Solution Primary school before proceeding to Command Day Secondary School, Akure, for his secondary education.

John shows how smart he was when he made an impressive result from his WAEC with eight A’s and one B

In an interview with Punch, John revealed that his childhood ambition was to serve in the Nigerian Army as a soldier, having attended a military secondary school which triggered his choice.

His choice changed in 2020 during lockdown as an SS 2 pupil when all schools were closed down, and he was forced to make the best out of his boredom.

When in school before the lockdown, John emerged as the winner in a computer competition with more than 70 participants. The organisers, Green Garage in Akure, had promised him a prize which was not fulfilled. He tried to reach out to them by visiting their office, where he discovered the firm was out of operation with most of their computer looking dusty.

John then thought he could seize the opportunity to use their facility to teach himself coding. After he was allowed, he became familiar with programming language and even helped teach others how to code.

The young guru picked a special interest in blockchain technology, and that became his breakthrough idea

Not having a proper certification for his new knowledge, John initially relied on referrals to get jobs.

According to him in an interview, he has worked with about 16 to 17 start-ups, and he planned to start his too.

I have worked for 16 to 17 start-ups. Also, I am working to start my own company and see the possibility of a future powered by nature. We plan to use nature to power cars, phones and other things. The company has not been registered but I already have a team in the United States of America, Canada and Nigeria working on research. My lawyer is also working on that”

He also currently works as a blockchain team lead with two Italian forms.

Flywallet and Cryptonite. They actually wanted me to go to Italy and say hi to the team but I declined because I was still working. I had an appointment with the Ooni of Ife, who wanted to see me. So, I had to tell the companies that I would work remotely for now. I have a passport but the companies will sponsor my trip.”

John is a teenage millionaire who has amassed a reasonable amount of wealth on his tech journey. He said “I have made millions, more than N10m. I once received N5m in bulk while other payments came monthly, some as wages, but I didn’t buy a car. I am pushing my company with everything. I made my first N1m last year at 15.”

On his future plan, he said he plans to further his education to bag a PhD in engineering. “I will go to school but it would be for an online programme so I can also work. I believe there is no time, I want to multitask. I don’t want people to think I don’t want to go to school because I have seen money. I hope to earn a PhD in computer engineering.”

The young tech guru is also an author who has written four books on tech, one of which include The Future Coming For Us

Aside from writing and being a programmer, John has also been invited to different global events as a guest speaker and has also won numerous awards to his name.

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