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Reading: FC Kallon climbs to second place in Leone Rock Premier League.
Reading: FC Kallon climbs to second place in Leone Rock Premier League.

FC Kallon climbs to second place in Leone Rock Premier League.

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FC Kallon Football Club has surged to the second position in the ongoing Leone Rock Premier League following a favourable ruling from the Premier League Emergency Disciplinary and Protests Committee against Wilberforce Striker.

The match proceeded as expected until the 62nd minute when the referee awarded a penalty to FC Kallon. This decision led to an uproar, with Wilberforce Strikers’ fans, led by club Chairman Mohamed Samurah Sanu, storming the pitch in protest. Evidence presented to the committee revealed that an unidentified official from Wilberforce Strikers physically assaulted the referee, while supporters hurled abuses at him. FC Kallon fans also rushed onto the pitch, exacerbating the situation and causing the match to end abruptly.



In light of these events, the committee ruled that Wilberforce Strikers, instigators of the pitch invasion, forfeit 3 points and 2 goals to FC Kallon, effective immediately under Rule 24.2 of the Rules. FC Kallon, found in breach of its responsibility to control its supporters as per Rule 33.3 of the Rules, was fined Eight Thousand New Leones (Le8,000).

The club’s ascent to the second position has narrowed the gap with league leaders Bo Rangers FC by two points. FC Kallon is set to face Diamond Stars FC at the MK Field in Angola Town on Monday, January 1st.

This turn of events adds intensity and excitement to the ongoing Leone Rock Premier League, with fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming matches that will further shape the league standings. BT/28/12/2023

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