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Reading: SUCCESS STORY : Son of the first man to be amputated in the war gives hope to society: Emmanuel Ngaujah
Reading: SUCCESS STORY : Son of the first man to be amputated in the war gives hope to society: Emmanuel Ngaujah

SUCCESS STORY : Son of the first man to be amputated in the war gives hope to society: Emmanuel Ngaujah

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Tamba Ngaujah, father of a recent graduate Emmanuel Ngaujah, was the first amputee of the war; “both of his hands were cut off by rebel soldiers from the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in 1991. Today he lives in a four-room zinc shack on the side of a steep hill outside Freetown, with his wife, six children, and two other relatives. He is the sole provider for his household – no small feat for a man who has no hands. The RUF trials are still ongoing and judgments are expected in 2008. But even then, Mr. Ngaujah will still be searching for justice. “Those who have caused these problems, to jail them or do whatever to them, why can’t [the government] think about the people who suffered from the war and come to their aid?” he said last week.” source

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Emmanuel Ngaujah is among young Sierra Leonean graduates  who has risen superbly to become among the newest BSC in Peace and Conflict Studies First Division holder From The Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone proudly sharing his academic achievement in a short post.

Emmanuel Ngaujah
Emmanuel Ngaujah

Emmanuel Ngaujah is young Sierra Leonean musician whose father was a victim of the long decade civil war as his father was the first man whose hands were amputated. Emmanuel Ngaujah is currently a proud graduate from the Fourah Bah College

singer Emmanuel Ngaujah performin on stage
singer Emmanuel Ngaujah performin on stage

Taking on his social media Emmanuel Ngaujah said


to myself for reaching this level of life. First of all I want to thank the Lord Almighty for bringing me this far, it’s only Him that made this possible. To all my loved ones who in a way or two contributed to making this dream a reality you’re recognised. I dedicate this achievement to all of you and may the bond continue to grow from strength to strength. Thank you all may God continue to bless you.

I want to use my position to encourage you that think life is hard to the point that you cannot afford to be educated I was born by a father that has no hands he was the first man to be amputated in Sierra Leone during the eleven years civil war growing up as a kid I always wanted to do music but my dedication to my family was to become a graduate. Today my mother is no more I lost her on the second of March 2022 May her soul rest in perfect peace.
I want who so ever is reading this should join me in prayers to ask God in Heaven to bless me with good health, long life, protection, connections, success, more love for mankind and above all Eternity 🙏.

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