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Reading: EAP Engages Clients …Assures them on the Continuation of the Motherland City Project
Reading: EAP Engages Clients …Assures them on the Continuation of the Motherland City Project

EAP Engages Clients …Assures them on the Continuation of the Motherland City Project

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EAP Engages Clients
EAP Engages Clients

It was an historic day on Saturday 7th October, 2023, when dozens of jubilant clients committed to continue with the ‘Motherland City Project’ after an engagement with them in which a concrete assurance from EAP Group of Companies that the project is live and kicking was held.

Speaking at Atlantic Hotel, Lumley-Aberdeen Beach Road in Freetown, The Chairman at Ebenezer Almighty Prosper (EAP) Group of Companies, Dr Alex O Philips says as a company, they want to reassure thier value subscribers and all those with the intention of subscribing to the project thier commitment and continuance of the Motherland City Project

Dr Phillips maintained that to show that the project is real, the company has put measures in place through the legal team in refunding those intended not to continue with the project.

“Even though the project is slated to kickstart in January 2024, any client that needs a refund should contact their legal team for verification of previous payment made to the company,” he said.

He however posited that EAP company is not fake and that they are doing everything humanly possible to ensure that those that have subscribed for their housing project secure their accomodations.

Dr. Phillips assured clients of the willingness of their investors, underscoring that they are even more determined to expand in many parts of the country than before as come January 2024, sample of these houses would have been erected.

One of the clients, who spoke on behalf of the attended clients, Emmanuel Margai, says ‘nothing come easy or without challenges’, adding that what is best for them as a client is what they can decided on and make a rightful decision by definitely continueing with the project.

He went on that from the word go, his been speaking with other clients that amidst social media scamishes and challenges, they should not be move by the negative reports from social media, which according to him, they strongly beleive in the project and convince that it will succeed.

By: Abdulaziz Samura

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