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Dr Imambay Kamara Honoured With International Honorary Doctorate Degree By The Global International Alliance University USA

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Dr Imambay Kamara Honoured With International Honorary Doctorate Degree By The Global International Alliance University USA

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Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone

Dr Imambay Kamara has been honoured with an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the Global International Alliance University USA.

Freetown, Sierra Leone – Dr Imambay Kamara, a global Humanitarian and disability rights
activist, founder and president of the Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone, and founder and President of the Dr Imambay Kamara Global Humanitarian Foundation supporting Vulnerable Women and Girls has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the Global International Alliance University USA for her exemplary work in global humanitarism. Not so long ago, Dr Imambay Kamara was awarded by President Joe Biden the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for her 20+ years of service in serving humanity.

Dr Imambay Kamara Recoognition award
Dr Imambay Kamara Recoognition award

“First and foremost I want to honour the ALMIGHTY God for this wonderful opportunity. l am grateful and honoured to receive this International Recognition Bestowed upon me International Honorary Doctorate for my Global HUMANITARIANISM Work by The Global International Alliance University USA In Atlanta Georgia and amongst great leaders from the US army, celebrities, delegates, politicians and prominent leaders,” said Dr Imambay Kadie Kamara.

The Global International Alliance University USA is an international institution that supports humanitarian efforts through acts of service. Dr Imambay Kamara continues to express her profound thanks and gratitude to the University for recognizing her efforts in community and global service and her tireless work to empower the lives of people through her foundations, Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone and the Dr Imambay Kamara Global Foundation.

“It is such a great honour to have my work being recognised on such a huge international platform. l am forever grateful for all my achievements. This was such a life changing experience. l met so many wonderful brothers and sisters from around the world. It was good to meet some of my Sierra Leonean sisters. I was also honoured to receive a special recognition from the GIA University. l also had the opportunity to speak about my work. This is such a wonderful milestone,” Dr Imambay Kamara said.


Dr Imambay Kamara continued by extending her thanks and appreciation to her children and Ambassador Dr Lenora Wimberly-Peterson. She says, “Special thanks to Amb. Dr Lenora Wimberly-Peterson and Pro Dr Caroline Makaka. l would like to also thank my wonderful children for all your support and to my family and friends thank you for your support. I promise to continue dedicating myself to my Humanitarian work. May God bless us all.

Dr Imaambay Kamara
Dr Imaambay Kamara and family

Dr Imambay  Kamara has received several awards over the years for her contributions to
improving the lives of people, building schools, Mosques and representing the voice of disables
across the world, she was awarded the New Pan-African Princess.

Ambassador Dr Imambay Kamara is the President/Founder for Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone and also the President and Founder Dr Imambay Kamara Global FOUNDATION supporting vulnerable Women and Girls. Dr Imambay  Kamara has continuously dedicated & transforming lives in various communities over years.

She is the International Ladies of All nations international Global Humanitarian Chairperson,
Commonwealth Entrepreneur Club Global Ambassador Disability Rights Activist, Women and
Children Activist, Inspirational Speaker Female Genital mutilation (F.G.M) Campaigner. Doctorate in
HUMANITARIAN from the United State of America. She is one of the 100 most Successful Women in
the world. The 50 most influential Women of her home Country Sierra Leone. Joe Biden PRESIDENT
of America HUMANITARIAN Award, WEST AFRICA YOUTH EMPOWERMENT. She is the director for
Gender Equality. Honorary member Giving Women Swizaland, Geneva. She is also member of so
many Women organisation. Dr Imambay Kamara is a mother of Six children and also blessed with
four wonderful grandchildren .She is One dedicated, inspirational, kind and hard working woman
who has dedicated herself to help disabled people around the world and is supporting thousands of
disabled people of all categories as well as so many orphans children, as a result during the time of
the Ebola epidemic in Africa.

Dr Imambay  Kamara is Female Genital mutilation survivor and Domestic VIOLENCE Survivor
About the Global Humanitarian Award. The award Honors community services provided by citizens
in surrounding communities for exemplary contributions and dedication to humanity, peace, the
environment and philanthropy support within their current, national and international communities
with this prestigious awards of excellence.

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