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Reading: Grass to Grace: Commercial motorbike Rider becomes Model
Reading: Grass to Grace: Commercial motorbike Rider becomes Model

Grass to Grace: Commercial motorbike Rider becomes Model

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Grass to Grace Commercial motorbike Rider becomes Model
Grass to Grace Commercial motorbike Rider becomes Model

Alber Noir, a commercial bike rider in Douala turned has become a model for Sawili Noir in collaboration with Sulet Noir. Alber Noir has been making rounds on social media  after photos of his journey hit social media.

Many social media used have termed it their favorite “grass to grace” story. Others have emphasized it to be a “classy grass to grace story”. Meanwhile the the clothing line have labeled it; “DIAMOND IN THE DUST!“

These creative fashion designers; Sawali Noir and Sulet Noir scouted and sourced out the best model that suits their vision and behold Alber (the bike rider) delivered.

Sawali Le Parisien of Walk to Paris in collaboration with Sulet Noir dropped CARTER Season 3 collection last night. And this time they shocked the net with their newest model.

The outstanding Cameroonian Fashion designer took to the social media page to introduce their newest addition in these words;

“…….Sometimes we search too far for precious stones and gems whereas we have a lot buried at the back of our houses. There’s no greater thing you can do to a human than valuing them , respecting them and appreciating them.

So this is Alber Noir who is the newest member of the Walk to Walk To Paris by Sawali Noir family , overnight he turned from a Commercial motorbike Rider to being a model for the Brand and official face of the new collection of THE CARTERS III.

After orientation and guidance this is how the first official session of the output appeared, we are looking to an amazing working session with him as we continue to unveil new designs in the subsequent releases.”

“THE CARTER’S 3 is purely inspired by Beyoncé and Jay Z’s love for African culture and our Black skin as seen in most of their video concepts and latest Albums.

Commercial bike rider

This season we bringing to you the Beauty of our African Heritage and putting the international high fashion standards in all our master pieces we created .

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From our models ,concepts ,clean cuts ,perfect fits and structures we are bringing Vintage Avant-garde High Fashion in Africa and the world at large as our identity” – Sulet Noir.

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