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Reading: China Boosts Police Ties with Sierra Leone College
Reading: China Boosts Police Ties with Sierra Leone College

China Boosts Police Ties with Sierra Leone College

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Taking a significant stride in strengthening the ties between the Shandong Police College of China and the Sierra Leone Police, a delegation led by His Excellency Wang Qing, the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, engaged with Mr. William Fayia Sellu, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, at the Police Headquarters in Freetown. Expressing gratitude, Sui Congorong, the Vice President of Shandong Police College, conveyed appreciation for the opportunity to visit Sierra Leone and interact with IGP Sellu. The purpose of the visit was articulated, with a focus on gaining insights into the training of Sierra Leone Police (SLP) personnel at Shandong Police College and understanding the future capacity-building needs of the IGP.

Providing information about the Shandong Police College, established in 1946 with two campuses dedicated to in-service training and foreign aid, Sui Congorong highlighted the college’s extensive international initiatives. Emphasizing the robust diplomatic relations between China and Sierra Leone spanning over fifty-two years, she affirmed China’s commitment to supporting Sierra Leone in various capacities. Ambassador Wang Qing reiterated China’s dedication to assisting the Sierra Leone Police with necessary capacity and equipment, anticipating increased collaboration opportunities in the New Year to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.

IGP William Fayia Sellu expressed gratitude to Ambassador Wang Qing for facilitating the connection between the SLP and Shandong Police College, underscoring the enduring friendship between China and Sierra Leone. He acknowledged China’s substantial support, particularly in training programs and the donation of a state-of-the-art Digital Data Forensic Laboratory Equipment for police investigations. IGP Sellu welcomed the delegation from Shandong Police College, offering insights into the organizational structure of the SLP, including regional divisions and key directorates. Expressing joy about the visit, he reiterated the focus on capacity building for police officers, highlighting the productive nature of the friendship between the two countries.

Notably, IGP Sellu expressed interest in reciprocating the visit by planning a trip to Shandong Police College, a proposal that received immediate approval. The visit concluded with a tour of the Sierra Leone Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Academy (SILEA) at Hastings, involving interactions with ACP Mrs. Esther Dukuray, the Director of Training. This marked a pivotal moment in the collaborative efforts between the Shandong Police College and the Sierra Leone Police, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation for the benefit of both nations.

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