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From Minister to President: Brilliant student wins Njala University students’ Union Government

Former Minister of Education, Students’ Union Government – Njala University, Njala Campus, Ambassador Lamin Konateh (President Elect) and popular TikTok comedian Mannie Lansana Alias Ngor Joe (Vice President Elect), have both won the 2022/2023 Students’ Union Presidential Elections in a landslide victory. He won almost all of the polling centres – a gap which was hard to cut by the opposition.

Lamin Konateh Konateh is a final year student from the School of Technology, Njala University. He is currently pursuing a BSc Hons in Business and Information Technology. He is one of the most brilliant and vibrant students who have been industrious in creating an impact at Njala University.

Lamin Konateh is an indigene of Kailahun District. He attended the K.D.E.C Primary School in Kailahun where he started his educational journey and wrote the National Primary School Examination (NPSE). He later got admitted to the National Junior Secondary School after an impressive result in NPSE. He wrote his Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) at the National Junior Secondary School in Kailahun and then got a requirement to Senior Secondary School. At the Senior Secondary School level, he attended the Holy Trinity Secondary School in Kenema, East of Sierra Leone.

After he got his requirement to enter the university, Konateh applied for a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology at Njala University, Njala Campus. He quickly became an academic force to reckon with on the premises of Njala. He was deservedly selected to serve as the Class Representative for his colleagues and retained the position for three successive academic years.

Due to his good leadership record, he was appointed as the Students’ Union Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs. His appointment came with a lot of positive results and successes. He successfully achieved the following during his ministerial tenure:

  • Conduction of classes for English Matriculants.
  • Reduction of fees for continuing students
  • Conduction of extra classes for first-year students.
  • Removal of fines on late registration.
  • He successfully advocated for the issuance of ID numbers to continuing students.
  • He successfully advocated for the preparation of Student ID cards.
  • Under his ministry, he distributed ten whiteboards and four projectors to classes, departments, and schools.
  • He successfully advocated for the postponement of first semester exams due to a lack of preparation and time.
  • He successfully organized the first-ever Inter School Debating, Essay writing, and Poetry Competitions in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Debating Council, which took place at Njala University.
  • His Ministry provided stationary materials to the students and staff of Njala University, Freetown Campus, via the Office of the Scribe.
  • His Ministry provided past question papers for students to be able to prepare their minds for the exams.
  • His Ministry distributed eight whiteboards to the Njala University Freetown Campus, via the Office of the Scribe.
  • His Ministry conducted free classes for effective exam preparation.

Salone Messenger wants to congratulate Mr. Lamin Konateh and wish his administration a successful tenure in office.

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