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AYV Awards Outstanding Young Journalists

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AYV Awards Outstanding Young Journalists
AYV Awards Outstanding Young Journalists

Young journalism students from various Universities have been recognised for their efforts by the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire.
AYV has presented award certificates to a group of young journalists who are “committed and making a huge difference” to the Sierra Leone media industry.

AYV certified its interns and fellows from the Fourah Bay College and the Limkokwing University. The 13 certified young journalists were trained on writing, producing and presenting for TV, radio and print, news reporting, news presentation, news production, audiovisual editing, voicing, teamwork and professional communication.

The young journalists were engaged and empowered to be able to practice journalism in both the electronic and the print media.

The CEO of AYV Amb. Anthony Navo Jr., said: “For many years we have been engaging and empowering young people, the AYV Media Empire continues to champion the rising stars of the media industry, and those who we believe will make the future for the sector particularly vibrant and outstanding young leaders.”

AYV CEO Amb Junior Navo presenting award to one of the students
AYV CEO Amb Junior Navo presenting award to one of the students

CEO Amb Navo, Jr encouraged the young journalists to go and demonstrate the practical experience they have gained from their work with AYV. He said the AYV was formed on the basis of shaping young people and giving them the opportunity to work and develop their skills in the workplace.

The CEO expressed optimism about the partnership with the University of Sierra Leone and other institutions to promote and train students with firsthand knowledge in journalism and its related disciplines.

One of the young journalists, Patricia Isatu Koroma said:
“On behalf of my colleagues, I want to thank AYV for the opportunity, time and effort put into our academic and career progress. What most of us enjoy during our stay here is the passion from management and workmates towards making positive impact in our career every single day. We value this about you a great deal”.

“As a Company, you may not realise what you have done for us, but we want you to know that we are grateful for all that you have done for us”.
“Three months ago, most of us came here with little or no practical knowledge on covering, writing, producing and reporting news”.

“All we have back then was theorical knowledge from what we are being taught in the University. After our three months internship and fellowship, we can now proudly say all of us can boast of having acquired immense practical knowledge on covering, writing, producing and reporting news, and also visual editing. We want to appreciate AYV for this”.

The AYV’s Talent Academy praised the young journalists’ creative use of ‘innovative and modern reporting techniques’.

Under the auspices of the AYV Academy, students, drawn from various universities across the country including University of Sierra Leone – Fourah Bay College, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, LICSAL and Blue Crest College receive practical and theoretical training from media professionals and trainers at AYV during their work experience, with a view to empower young people for their prospective future careers and occupations.

The objective of this programme is to build and sustain the relationship between AYV Media Empire and the various tertiary institutions in building the theoretical and practical expertise of students and volunteers in the field of Journalism and Multimedia Communication.

AYV Media Empire is Sierra Leone’s leading media house that has created and continues to create an enviable platform for students, volunteers and other individuals to gain firsthand the required experience needed for practical journalism and multimedia communication.

AYV is a one-stop media house providing a cutting-edge communication solution across the world. AYV has tv channels, radio, newspaper, printing press etc. AYV also broadcast on DStv Ch. 399 in Sierra Leone and across Africa.

AYV International is headquartered in London, United Kingdom with networks across the world including in Africa, Asia, Europe, Pacific, the Americas, and Caribbean.

AYV has established a strategic partnership with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the world service programme in London. This partnership offers both AYV and the BBC a world-class broadcasting platform and resources for our audiences.

The AYV’s reputation and the strength of its brand in Sierra Leone and around the world are based upon its fundamental values of editorial integrity, independence, and impartiality. These values are central both to the AYV’s Public Services and our Commercial Services. Audiences everywhere must be able to trust the AYV. To achieve that, our impartiality, editorial integrity, and independence must not be compromised by outside interests and arrangements. We must maintain independent editorial control over our content.

The AYV fellowship and young professional Programme has enabled the best and the brightest people to contribute to election process and build their skills and experience.

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