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AYV and Africell To Unite EX Housemates in Dubai.

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AYV and Africell To Unite EX Housemates in Dubai.

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After the numerous misunderstandings and stirs among fans AYV and Africell have decided to create a peace and reconciliation atmosphere for the Housemates to reunite.

In a group photo of the EX Housemates that has attracted a global share from fans around the world. There is an inclusion of the three most famous groups “Power Bank, Upper Cut and Savage Queens”.
These groups have been at loggers heads and a continuous hit up among fans. The whole process could be defined as a double whammy situation.

AYV Entertainment official page posts.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

PHOTO: (Power Bank, Savage Queens, and Upper Cut together).

Housemates Salone #Yagba Season 3 high-level delegation departs for Dubai.

The delegation included the Winner Julianna Conteh aka Julie Tombo, finalists, AYV and Africell officials, and others funded by their institutions/management teams.

Di Yagba continues in Dubai… 🤙

AYV will bring you all the updates from Dubai. Stay Tune.


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