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Reading: As Voter Registration is Coming to an End, A Girl At A Time Sierra Leone Engages With Voter Registrants
Reading: As Voter Registration is Coming to an End, A Girl At A Time Sierra Leone Engages With Voter Registrants

As Voter Registration is Coming to an End, A Girl At A Time Sierra Leone Engages With Voter Registrants

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A Girl At A Time is an independent and non-governmental community focused organization based in Sierra Leone.

This week as the voter registration process comes to an end A Girl At A Time Sierra Leone has taken to the registration centers around Freetown to engage citizens on the registration process. Mostly engaging with the disenfranchised. Women and those living with disabilities.

Speaking to Salone Messenger, a global multimedia and public relations firm based in Sierra Leone, the founder and CEO, Alimatu Dimonekene an award winning human rights advocate and activist currently based in the United Kingdom stated that the reason for this exercise “is to capture the moments and more importantly to get the opinions of citizens on the registration process and what they hope to see after the elections due in June 2023.”

Alimatu said as “As an independent community led organization based in Sierra Leone, our purpose for getting our team to these various centers is ensure that citizens are aware that is their civic duty and right to engage in the election process by registering to vote. It means their voice will matter at the next general elections.” She went on to say, “it is very important that young people, those living with disabilities, and elderly people are part of the process in choosing the leaders of the country.”

A Girl At A Time Sierra Leone advocates for the rights of women and girls by creating an enabling environment for women and girls to thrive by seeking for changes in legislation protecting victims and survivors.

A Girl At A Time is an independent organization engaging and empowering young people to participate on key issues around sexual and gender-based violence including female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) and other forms of violence affecting women and girls.

Earlier on 29th September, the voter registrants stated the following about why they had decided to register and what changes they hope to see after the upcoming general elections in June 2023.

Fatmata Famer a young woman cited at one of the pooling stations in the east part of Freetown, told Salone Messenger that “I registered purposely to bring change to my country and to validity my Voter’s ID card. I want to see and witness the election atmosphere that is peaceful where everyone is free to cast their vote and go home to wait for result. I am very hopefully for the future.”

Alusine Mansaray, another registrant who is living with disability told us that he is registered. “I am a Sierra Leonean and I have registered to cast my vote.” He added that he is looking forward for leader that will take people like him living with disability off the streets; “We’re praying for a leader that can take us from the street.”

Daniel Sesay said, “I have registered and I’m ready to vote for peace come 2023. I want to see an election with zero violence because we all cannot afford to run away from our homes, so I am calling all citizens to be peaceful on that day.”

To know more about A Girl At A Time Sierra Leone and the brilliant work they doing in Sierra Leone do visit their website at and their Facebook page and Twitter

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