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Reading: ARTRICKS LTD Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership With Global Art Supply Giant Loopcolors
Reading: ARTRICKS LTD Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership With Global Art Supply Giant Loopcolors

ARTRICKS LTD Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership With Global Art Supply Giant Loopcolors

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Freetown, Sierra Leone – March 4, 2024 – In a landmark move set to revolutionise the creative landscape of Sierra Leone and West Africa, Artricks LTD proudly unveils its exclusive distribution partnership with the globally acclaimed art supply brand LoopColors. This strategic alliance, facilitated by LoopColors’ esteemed producer ITALG.E.T.E. SRL, a company with three decades of innovation in the spray paint domain, positions Artricks LTD and its partner Gill&Co as the sole distributors of LoopColors’ superior range of spray paints and markers across Sierra Leone and West Africa.
LoopColors, synonymous with unparalleled quality, an extensive palette of colours, and a commitment to environmental sustainability, aligns perfectly with Artricks’ mission to elevate the local art scene through access to premium art supplies. This partnership heralds a new era of artistic expression in the region, underscored by LoopColors’ dedication to non-toxic, environmentally friendly products.
Launch Event and Cultural Sponsorship
Kicking off this dynamic partnership, LoopColors will sponsor the “Freetown Street Art & Music Festival at Victoria Park,” a significant event that marks the beginning of LoopColors’ distribution journey in Sierra Leone. This sponsorship reflects the mutual trust and commitment of both organisations to nurturing Sierra Leone’s burgeoning art community, setting a solid foundation for future expansions into Ghana, Nigeria, and Senegal.
Artricks and LoopColors will collaboratively sponsor two major cultural events in Sierra Leone: the Freetown Street Art & Music Festival 2024 and The Independence Glow Up: From Dusk 2 Glow. These events are designed not only to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of Sierra Leone but also to foster community engagement and solidify Freetown’s status as a cultural epic-centre in West Africa.
Moreover, the partnership extends its support to the artistic community by sponsoring two talented artists from Sierra Leone and the broader West African region, handpicked by Artricks. These artists will receive comprehensive art supply kits, enabling them to explore and express their creativity fully while promoting LoopColors’ high-quality materials through vibrant artworks and active social media engagement.
About LoopColors
Produced by ITALG.E.T.E. SRL, based in the lush surroundings south of Ticino, Italy, LoopColors has been at the cutting edge of the global spray paint market for 30 years. With facilities boasting the latest production technologies and a commitment to the highest quality and environmental standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications, LoopColors offers artists unparalleled creative freedom. This partnership underlines LoopColors’ ongoing commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability in the art world.
About Artricks
As one of the driving forces behind Sierra Leone’s artistic renaissance, Artricks LTD leverages extensive experience to connect artists with communities through meaningful cultural projects. With a comprehensive array of services spanning art supplies distribution, media agency functions, and event management, Artricks is dedicated to fostering outstanding cultural experiences.
This partnership with LoopColors is a testament to Artricks’ commitment to enhancing Sierra Leone’s artistic landscape and establishing Freetown as a hub of cultural excellence in West Africa.
For more information about Artricks and the transformative partnership with LoopColors, visit
@artricls_sl +447375 262983
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