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Reading: APC Veteran Madam Fatmata Kamara Switches Allegiance to SLPP
Reading: APC Veteran Madam Fatmata Kamara Switches Allegiance to SLPP

APC Veteran Madam Fatmata Kamara Switches Allegiance to SLPP

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APC Veteran Madam Fatmata Kamara Switches Allegiance to SLPP
APC Veteran Madam Fatmata Kamara Switches Allegiance to SLPP

In a groundbreaking development, Madam Fatmata Kamara, a highly esteemed figure within the APC in Yonibana, has officially declared her allegiance to the SLPP at the party’s Headquarters on Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown. With an illustrious political career spanning over two decades in Tonkolili district, Madam Kamara’s decision marks a pivotal moment in the landscape of Sierra Leonean politics.

Beyond her political influence, Madam Fatmata Kamara is renowned as a successful businesswoman who has dedicated half of her life to societal welfare. Serving as a mother of two, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother, she stands as a beacon in her community, actively contributing to the development of Tonkolili and neighboring areas.

Madam Kamara’s transition to the SLPP, after being a staunch supporter of the APC in the past, is not a hasty decision but a result of careful consideration. It reflects a response to the transformative initiatives spearheaded by H.E. President Julius Maada Bio’s government. Notable among these initiatives are projects focusing on women’s empowerment, the Free Quality Education initiative, agricultural advancements, and infrastructural development, all of which played a crucial role in influencing her decision.

The declaration ceremony witnessed the presence of prominent SLPP figures, including the Deputy National Leader, Mr. Alhaji Alpha Kallon, National Women’s Leader, Madam Hawa Foray, National Organizing Secretary, Hon. Moigua, District Women’s Leader for Tonkolili, Mrs. Adama AbuAbu Koroma, SLPP District Chairman for Tonkolili District, Mr. Ahmed Saybom Kanu, and Mr. Joseph Koroma (J6) of Yonibana.

Addressing the gathered supporters of the SLPP, Madam Fatmata Kamara expressed her determination to collaborate with district and constituency executives. Her primary focus is on ensuring the SLPP firmly reestablishes its roots in Tonkolili District. This commitment marks a new chapter for Madam Kamara and underscores the transformative vision she envisions for her district within the broader political landscape of Sierra Leone.

As Madam Fatmata Kamara embarks on this new political journey, her wealth of experience, sterling reputation, and dedication to community development position her as a valuable asset to the SLPP. The repercussions of her decision are expected to reverberate not only in Yonibana but throughout Tonkolili district, potentially causing ripples in the broader sphere of Sierra Leonean politics. Only time will unveil the full impact of this significant move on the political dynamics of the region.

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