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Reading: APC Chief Whip Challenges Education Minister’s Handling of WASSCE Crisis
Reading: APC Chief Whip Challenges Education Minister’s Handling of WASSCE Crisis

APC Chief Whip Challenges Education Minister’s Handling of WASSCE Crisis

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Honorable Abdul Karim Kamara
Honorable Abdul Karim Kamara

Honorable Abdul Karim Kamara (AKK), the APC chief whip in parliament, recently engaged in an interview with AYV Television, where he passionately addressed the issue of numerous students being left out or asked not to take the upcoming WASSCE exams.

In his remarks, AKK did not mince words, expressing a lack of confidence in the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education’s ability to effectively address the problem at hand. He emphasized that relying solely on the Ministry would yield no results.

He highlighted the gravity of the situation by pointing out the various categories of students being affected, including those from private schools who were supposed to take the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). The exclusion of these students raised serious questions about fairness and access to education.

Furthermore, AKK underscored the inadequacy of the Ministry’s response, criticizing their focus on attacking him personally rather than addressing the underlying issues.

AKK urged the president to prioritize the welfare of the nation’s youth and ensure that no child is left behind in the education system.

One of AKK’s key arguments was the lack of transparency and accountability within the Ministry of Education. He demanded concrete data on the number of students affected and the steps taken to rectify the situation.

Moreover, AKK’s reference to regional disparities in the distribution of affected schools highlighted broader issues of inequality and access to education across different parts of the country. By advocating for marginalized regions, AKK underscored the importance of equitable education policies that address the needs of all students, regardless of their background or geographical location.

AKK’s critique extended beyond the Ministry of Education to encompass broader governance issues within the country. He called attention to the need for clear communication channels and effective dissemination of information, especially to rural communities with limited access to media platforms.

In his closing remarks, AKK reiterated his commitment to speaking out on behalf of the people, even in the face of political pressure or backlash. His unwavering dedication to the welfare of the nation’s youth resonated strongly throughout the interview, earning him praise for his courage and integrity.

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