A Wake Up Call For EDSA To Amend The Electrical Fault In Brookfields

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The current state of electricity blackout in Brookfields due to EDSA is escalating to a sad and disastrous outcome, leading to terrible incidents faced by most residents in the community. Some portions of household minority in the area are fully electrified while the majority is still facing electrical fault at the moment. Ever since the electricity blackout started on Saturday, 19th February 2022 at 11:30 pm, the community is yet to get an optimistic response by a representative from EDSA as to when or how it would be redistributed or probably fixed up in the quickest period of time. Rumours from unknown news sources and concerned people said there is an underground fault in the power station, which would take time for it to be detected before amendment. In couple of days after the incident occurred, armed brutality by criminals on innocent inhabitants has began to take effect due to poor distribution of electricity in the community. As one of the main industrialised areas in Freetown, EDSA should ensure to fix up the fault with no delayance. The mentioned community, Brookfields, is one of the leading areas that generates huge amount of revenue for EDSA on monthly basis. If no proper amendment is set up by EDSA to mitigate this unbearable electrical fault, the lives of inhabitants would be in serious danger. On behalf of all affected inhabitants in the community, we seek for better amendment and quicker distribution of electricity in Brookfields.. We wait on positive response or an official public notice from EDSA.


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