The mudslide hero’s daughter: 3-year-old Natasha Kamara

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When we spoke with Natasha Kamara, late America Stress daughter on phone this morning, as we always do. Her only request was “uncle, send me ice cream and sweet”. “This is her only request from us. Well, we paid them a visit primarily, to talk about Tasha’s education and a sister who refused that she doesn’t want her name to be mentioned for her generosity. She now found a daughter in Tasha. When we told her about the piece we wrote in appreciation of her generosity and at least to let the world know that our daughter found a mother, her words were

 “Brother. Please, I don’t want people to know that I am helping Natasha”. She is now a sister to me”.

 She wrote us  via Facebook messenger

On May 28, we wrote an article after reaching out to Natasha Kamara, The daughter of the late Hero, Kelvin Kamara who like few others had sacrificed his life in helping humanity. The blogger Kelvin Kamara alias America stress saved the lives of 40 people at his Fula Town Community during the August 14 mudslide.

When we wrote this piece and shared with our editors at Salone Messenger for a few corrections. our prayers were not about the likes we would get, not even about the “Rest in peace comments”. our intentions were about the three-year-old Natasha Kamara he left. Even if her mum is able to look after her, we still think, a hero like America Stress who sacrificed his life in our country deserves something better, his 3-year-old daughter should be cared for. Government, Agencies, or Organizations in the country needs to give their own support. our hope was to get someone who could help her to attend one of the best private schools in the country to ensure the 3-year old Natasha be enrolled in school this year.

Our article went viral, it was published on Sierra Leone’s widest selling newspaper AYV, both print and online, it was also published on the calabash newspaper with over 649 likes,723 comments, and 50 shares. We Followed up on the various platforms where it was published. Well, Different comments came in requesting contact to reach the late hero’s wife. We sent them her number. We made follow up to know if she received any call regarding support for our dear Natasha Kamara. Her response was no. we became more worried, our article was not about popularity, it was not about our late brother (America stress). It was about Hero’s daughter.

On the 2nd of June, we received a call from a sister living in America. It seems like what the Messenger had long prayed for would now come to pass, the lady was keen about the 3-year-old child, and she asked questions about her enrolment for summer school and feeding. Her conversation with us made us happy. The confidence we had was knowing fully well that the Christians are widely known for their generosity. we gave her the contact of the late hero’s wife and also told her wife about the good news.

 A few weeks later, the wife of the late hero reached out to us thanking us for the relationship we have built. The wife of the hero’s daughter now found a sister. She was pleased with the conversation. The three-year-old daughter would be enrolled this year for summer school. The arrangement is ongoing for her enrolment at Reliance Preparatory school. This brings us joy at Salone Messenger.

Sallu Kamuskay and Natasha’s Mother

Her daughter is our daughter.

We are sure Kelvin Kamara is happy wherever he is right now. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

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