The untold story of students’ life at Njala University, Njala Campus: Unstructured and deleterious lecture rooms (Part 4)

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N'jalla University of Sierra Leone

As one of the best universities in the sub-region, and the best in the country, sitting accommodation here is disgusting. During my first year, I noticed that some of the lecture rooms are below university standards. At the auditorium, where almost all first-year students take lectures is not conducive and comfortable enough for students to take lectures. The capacity for the auditorium is about 300.  Whilst the number for all first doubles that amount 5 times. Faculty building, which is the biggest in the campus to my research, was a funded program by partners to the various schools to build one each but they instead reportedly squandered the money. The sitting accommodation here is not encouraging and it’s limited. NATC, which is where the School of Agriculture is, where I’m presently taking lectures on four modules, is about 1.3km away from my dormitory and any other student that is within the perimeters of the campus.

What I was expecting from the university administration is that they should’ve provided buses for students taking lectures at NATC. The road to NATC, the School of Agriculture, is very dusty. Almost 90% of us trek from our dormitories to get there because of financial reasons. The community bike riders charged Le 2,000 per person to take you there, which approximately if I take a bike every day, I would spend Le 20,000 (about $2) in just five days, which is half of my launch. Sitting accommodation is also a big problem at the School of Agriculture. The chairs are like scrap chairs and some of the lecture rooms are like a scrap store; not conducive and not comfortable. I can tell you, some nursery schools in Freetown have a well-structured classroom compared to the ones here at Njala University, Njala Campus.  Sometimes I feel depressed over it, sometimes when lectures are on, I can’t even focus enough because of the disgusting atmosphere in some of these lecture rooms. How could the best University in the country and one of the best in the sub-region have these crude facilities? It’s a disgusting thing to see!! Sometimes we had to carry chairs from one lecture room to another because of insufficient chairs. How would that sound to you when you hear that a top university in Sierra Leone doesn’t have sufficient sitting accommodation, well-structured lecture rooms? Surprise? Well, that’s how things are here at Njala University, Njala Campus.

My experience so far at Njala hasn’t been a great one, but one full of depression, stress, and anxiety. Life at this campus isn’t on the right side for us. 80% of us here are suffering. There is more to share with you, more to write about, I shall be doing this once a while and hope you at Salone Messenger keep my name anonymous, for my degree amidst the situation here is so the pressure to me. Knowing fully well that my family, Government and people from across the world reading this, do something to make a change, if not for us, but for those that will succeed  us not to go through the same situation.

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