Techfrica launches a video streaming platform for Africans.

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Techfrica, a Technology Company owned by a Sierra Leonean created a video streaming platform for Africans aim at bringing the African countries together to be able to share their music videos, documentaries and stories to the world and earn money per stream which will in turn go into providing jobs for Africans in Africa who will manage the day to day running of the company in countries where it will be establish.

The Videofrica platform is a YouTube like platform where you can share your videos: it shows the numbers of views your videos get, like or dislike bottom, share bottom to all social media platforms and most importantly, content creators will earn money base on the numbers of streams they get.

During an interview with Hafiz Hassan Bakarr Sr.  The CEO and founder of Techfrica on Zoom call, on the need for tecfrica, a technology company and products created under the techfrica company. He said, ‘’ my hope is build the African version of all social media platforms that exist because the other platforms were not created for Africans, my hope is build the African version of all music and video streaming platforms that exist so that at the end of the day, we will create jobs for Africans in their countries by establishing offices in all African countries and employ Africans who are professionals in technology, website management to maintain, upgrade and do maintenance on our platforms, we have created 20 applications under our techfrica, we have only launch 2 of these applications, the audofrica which Is an audio music streaming app and website and videofrica which is an video streaming app and website” when I asked him about some of the benefits of the videofrica platform he said, ‘’ for content creators, they can upload  their video content, share video links, shows the numbers of video likes, views and unlike bottom, subscribe bottom to your channel  and earn pay per stream earnings if you are pay per stream member, watch videos uploaded by different users or admin and as well film video on your channel. Considering the population of Africans in African and those in the diaspora, I asked him about the future of Africa if all 80% of Africans start using platforms created under the techfirca like the audio streaming app and website, audiofrica, the video streaming app and website videofrica, the social media app africasfaces, the transportation app ridefrica and more, he said” We will be self-sufficient, sell reliant, just like if we produced and manufactured products that are exported. We will see earnings, we will see the economy grow, jobs created, funding for schools, teachers, hospitals if we create our own, we create jobs for Africans. So is the same as Africans using our Platforms and becoming members. This will help artists, workers etc. earn, this will help their families, this will help boost our economy as money is spent in the African countries,  it will help those who sell in markets and their families,  it will help banks as earnings are deposited there. It will show the world that yes we as Africans can create, can support each other and can help build a better and United States of Africa where we truly matters.’’

The President of audiofrica,   Christopher Tucker welcomed the artists and partners, “today is one of my happiest day”. He furthered ‘’Techfrica can do what any White Tech company can do; which is one of the visions of the CEO of Techfrica. You can compare Videofrica to any other entertainment platform in the world. You can download Videofrica on google play store and also Apple store. For Videofrica. Musicians will be earning from their songs just like what YouTube and other entertainment Tech giants. I’m encouraging every Sierra Leonean out there to come onboard and join hands to push this amazing platform created by  Africans for Africans’’

During the launch, the AZAZI music production premiered their latest hit single called ‘’Aah Yeh.’’ The latest song by the AZAZI music group is sensational dance all music. The dynamic young CEO brought together young amazing talents together to be able to support their music career because of the future he has seen in them, despite of the fact that, some of the artistes are in university, studying some difficult causes still make time for music which they said is something they love doing and they are able to balance between their music career and education.   The CEO of AZAZI music production, Abdul Aziz Koroma said ‘’ the motives for creating the group was to create a platform for young people and promote young talent. Sierra Leoneans in general lacks the vision to scout good talents and the strength to push/enable those talents to reach their mark. In this Music game, one man cannot do it all without helping out each other. With this belief, I decided to bring in these young talents and help them achieve their dreams.’’ When asked about how he feels with their latest song been the first to be premiered during the launch, he said “I am very pleased and happy to be the first entertainment group to be part of the official launching of Videofrica and also being the first group to launch their new released video on Videofrica platform . It is really an amazing moment for us” he added.

CEO Abdul Aziz Koroma shared a post on Facebook after the launch

After the launching, I had an interview with one of the artists from Azazi Music Entertainment.

Q. Hello. Who am I talking?

A. “I am Ibrahim Jamil Sesay. I’m an artist under Azazi Music.

Q. How do you come to know about Techfrica?

A. “Well, our manager is such a hardworking person. He came in contact with the CEO of Techfrica and they had an agreement, today we’re here to witness the launching. He first told us about the benefits if we become part of this. And we decided to grab the opportunity and came for it”

Q. Taking a look at YouTube which is the biggest music video streaming platform in the world, why do you choose to switch over to Vidsfrica”?

Q. What’s your message to your fellow Sierra Leonean artists?

A. I want to encourage all young artists out there to come onboard. Like how long will I be sharing my songs on WhatsApp? But with Vidsfrica, your songs can reach across Africa and also earn from it”






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