Meet the Founder of Sierra Leone’s biggest Rap Television Show: AYV Cypher Uncensored

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In his late-20s, Foday Mansaray popularly known as F Mans the next legend is the Co-founder & Communication Officer for Creating Opportunities for Disadvantaged Persons.  He’s the host and founder of one of the biggest television shows in Sierra Leone called “AYV Empire Cypher Uncensored show” He is also the Co-Founder of the AYV Hit the street television show. F Mans was also the former Administrative and Branding Manager for JIT Capital Television Kids Zone and also former Administrative Office Worker at Africa Young Voices Media Empire.

He attended the John F Kennedy Primary where he did his primary education, later moved to the Sierra Leone Grammar school where he completed his Junior Secondary school and later moved to Prince of Wales where he attained his senior secondary school. Upon conclusion, He holds a diploma in financial management from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) and a BA in social work and got honors with division one from the Fourah Bay College.

During his secondary school, he was part of the drama club and won several awards for performances on stage, punctuality, and tidiness. At Prince of Wales, he was school prefect in school, drama captain, chairman of the literally debating society. (L&DS) and has won several competitions for both his class and school.

In an exclusive interview with him during the Corona pandemic, The Next Legend shared his views on his inspiration and future.

Q. Who inspired you to do music?

ANS. “I’m a very soulful and passionate singer. I sing what I feel. I can get inspiration from a lot of things – my family, my wife, me walking by, my friends, fans, my kid, and my mother are my biggest inspiration. So everything in Sierra Leone inspires me”.

Q. How do you describe the music that you sing and who write them?

ANS. “My music is soulful, so far. I write all of my songs. At the moment, I haven’t yet bought any song from anybody, but I wish that someday I will, if I actually meet a good writer who is willing to sell their song, and I feel like their song actually make sense. I’m willing to buy songs because being an artist isn’t all about you, At times there are instances where artists sing songs of other writers. Most of the time if you check most of the songs you’ll see like 15 writers, 10 composers, so is no different from me buying songs”.

Q. Who would you most likely to collaborate with in Sierra Leone music industry, and why?

ANS.I would like to collaborate with Alonzo because he has ultimately done tremendously brilliant with his career and have imprinted change in the entertainment industry, also the uniqueness of his voice will nicely blend with mine on a Song.’’

Q. What would you be doing right now if it wasn’t for your music career?

ANS. “Well, Media consultancy would have been my world had it not been for my music career”.

Q. Where have you performed?

ANS. “Well, I’ve performed in a couple of theatres, I’ve performed at the national stadium at a peace concert, I’ve performed at the “500 Dancers show”, I’ve also performed at the  Miatta Conference Hall, the beaches,  and different clubs on different occasions “.

Q. You work at AYV. Tell us a little about your work there?

ANS. “My work at AYV is a mutual relationship because I founded the AYV Cypher Uncensored, and Ambassador Junior Navo accepted the idea, and since then, for the past four years, I’ve been doing it. I was also working there as an Administrator, but later resigned to further my studies and follow my entrepreneurship dream, hopefully, in the future, I would love to go back to AYV to contribute in the company’s growth and fulfill AYVs Dream of giving to the voiceless of the young generation “.

Q. What is your favorite song you’ve sang?

ANS. “My favorite song that I’ve done is “Despacito Mashup”.

Q. If you could change anything about the music industry in Sierra Leone, what would it be?

ANS. “I would love to change the way fans/people think about artists in Sierra Leone. I would love to see people celebrating their talents in the country. I would love to see unity amongst the artist. I would love to see less hypocrisy amongst entertainers – be it the artist, filmmakers, video makers, and all. I would love to see Engineers promoting engineers, I would love to see filmmakers promoting filmmakers, I would love to see artist promoting artist, and the DJs and Promoters come as one”.

Q. What message do you have for the Sierra Leone Music Industry?

ANS. “My message to the industry is, I want to see big names artists that have sold out shows in the stadium and other parts of the country that were supported by those before them, to support the young generation by creating a platform for them, sign artists, sponsor artists guide them like other big names are doing in our neighboring countries, I’m coming out and I really need your support and I would love them to be part of my vision, be part of my rise. As I’ve been part of the rise of so many, I would love them to work together as a team – every entertainer, every musician, to give attention to things that actually matter instead of ignoring things that are destroying the industry. They should give attention to every little thing that’s a possible distraction to the industry. Thank you very much for this wonderful interview”.

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Abu Bakarr Jalloh

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In 2011/2012 he attended the Government Municipal Senior Secondary School where he attained his West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination in 2015. Abu Bakarr Jalloh is now a student of the Njala University, Njala Campus pursuing a degree in Bsc Agricultural Economics.

He is a very brilliant writer, editor, and storyteller that is passionate about telling Sierra Leonean stories undiluted using a mobile phone. He is also keen on highlighting national issues affecting Sierra Leoneans.

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