love at first sight by Festus Conteh

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 Previously on Love at first sight Episode 1

I looked around and followed a hilly road that led me to where I am going. But let me say the truth hills can be embarrassing at times. I just managed to walk a few meters; my breath has circulated all over me. The continuous flowing of sweat is another big problem. Along the way, a white jeep approached, it accelerated with great force to overcome the hill. I made my way a bit near the gutter so that the jeep can have its way. I stood there facing the other side of the road as soon as it reached where I was standing. The driver held a sharp break and I saw the glass winds down slowly.


It was the passenger’s seat. My eyes were constantly fixed at what was happening. The glass winds down into a peeping view, I peeped and saw a young lady, inwardly and outwardly built by God. Her face was very smooth with dimples and her black hair in a ponytail style. She winked at me and made a sign for me to come closer. Without wasting time I walked a few steps ahead. I mean who is man enough in this 21st century to deny call from such a beauty to behold?

“Hello, young man,” she said with such a broad smile. My heart beat faster this time around. “How are you and how may I help you, madam?” I said with one of my succulent voices. This time a grind covered her face “Feel free to call me Sonia” She said, as she straights her right hand to greet me I urgently rushed to grab her hand, her palm is soft like an Italian sponge. “I am Festus” I introduced myself as her hand is still in mine. She gave me that silly look “What a nice name for a handsome guy like you” she said with a seductive glance. I smiled, within the romantic process I felt a delusional slap, I reacted to the slap by flinging the hand of Sonia. I started looking around I didn’t see anyone. “Are you okay?” Sonia asked I nodded in agreement, but I can tell from her mood that she wasn’t happy as to why I flung her soft precious hand away. Something came in my mind I remembered that I cannot prevent the bird from flying on my head but I can, at least, prevent it from making a nest on my head. So even though the scary thoughts kept flooding my mind, I kept mopping the path of my mind with wishful thinking that I must never say anything romantic again to Sonia though I cannot stop her from falling for me as she keeps rolling her eyes and licking her lips in a seductive way. I have a “Kosombo” in disguise someone that loves me exceptionally, someone that is willing to give her life in exchange for my safety. She is the mild and wild type who always ready to put up a fight for me. The worst thing about me is I cannot hide a secret from her, I don’t know really this thing with men, our mouths cannot keep shut whenever we are with our love ones. People used to say we men are the best secret keepers because of Adam’s apple. But the magic that ladies use on us whenever we are around them is still unexplainable.

I stood for a while reminiscent of my past life clouded my mind; I started thinking as to how I suddenly changed to something beautiful as this one. For a beautiful lady to showed such an interest like this and I was somewhat shying away from here doesn’t seem normal after all. Those days I enjoy having a lot of ladies around, I felt like a slap on my face whenever I failed to sleep with a new girl each night. But my life suddenly changed since I crossed path with this girl I named “Twin Flame”. For honesty’s sake, every man will wish for a life-changing event but not turning down a rich beautiful lady on the surface of this earth. Sonia felt embarrassed and angrily asked her driver to drive off. I stand there for a while shaking my head. I keep going as the embarrassing hill keeps doing my legs somehow I don’t understand…




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