Love At First Sight: Episode Six

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Festus Conteh
Love at first sight

Previously on Love at first sight

Mommy Fatmata even begged me not to bother but I insisted and she accepted and promised to wait until I brought the money. I paid the money and immediately the doctor phoned the nurses to look after Alice. She was woken up and they fix the oxygen machine on her nose and the remaining part of the treatment begun. As they are busy treating her, Alice opened her eyes and watched through the window and couldn’t bear seeing me in tears she started coughing.


What God enclosed in the claws of love can only be decrypted using the tool of two hearts loving each other passionately. Alice and I are lovers whose kind cannot be cloned. Imagine an empty vessel like Alice who only came to know about love since the day we met at Abacha Street. Well things happen, they happened at the nick of time. That was the first time Alice going out alone. She has been tour guided by her mother and Mike her personal driver. They are forbidden from talking to each other. In fact, a transmitter device was fixed in Alice’s car, it immediately transmits anything they discussed in the car. So this creates tension and fear in both people. Mike for the rest of his working career with Williams, has never uttered a word to Alice. 

As Alice was coughing and breathing heavily, one of the nurses injected her. She stopped coughing and go back to sleep. I sat at the corridor thinking of what could have gone wrong and why Alice is coughing beyond control. These thoughts keep filling my head until I can’t bear it any longer. I got up and walked passed Mommy with full speed; I entered the doctor’s office without knocking. I was in a total rage and couldn’t think well. Upon seeing my face, the doctor started trembling with his voice “wh…at are you doing here without knocking?” He asked me. Anyway, everything showed that everything was wrong, but everything showed that everyone didn’t want to accept that everything was wrong. I walked close to him with my big and red eyes popped out, You know she is going to die and you still leave her in the hands of those good for nothing nurses? I said to him as I was sweating profusely. Before the doctor could utter any word, I grabbed his collar as I lift him as he pedals his feet funnily. If it were not for the hospital signpost and a few things that identified where we were as a hospital, one would readily mistake the scenery for a drug cartel where lawlessness boils out of flames. The doctors like a fish which had been taken from the water, gasping for last breath. The doctor looked like a bat of out hell. He was sweating profusely even though, the air condition wouldn’t permit anyone to sweat that much. He looked diminished at once. I bundled the doctor like a sacrificial lamb and headed out of his office when Mommy Fatmata came in between us. I fearlessly landed a heavy punch in the doctor’s head before Mommy Fatmata could finally separate us I landed the last punch on his chest. I don’t know where I got that courage from but where ever it came from swiftly helped me to calm my nerves down. Before the security personnel could come I have already satisfied. They asked me to follow them outside, Mommy Fatmata wanted to intervene I asked her not to bother I also told her to take good care of Alice. The security personnel matched me out of the hospital premises. I aligned a cab to my house; I went straight to the shower and started crying. The way I saw Alice, her health condition is no longer favorable. I was depressed and didn’t know what exactly to do. I managed to take a quick bath, dried my body with my towel I wore my undies and lay down in my bed to catch some sleep when my phone wrong. It was Mommy Fatmata I quickly slide my phone to the right which immediately connected me with Mommy Fatmata. “Hello,” she said to me with a sound of cry undertone…

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