Love At First Sight: Episode Seven

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Festus Conteh
Festus Diary

 Previously on Love at first sight

I aligned a cab to my house; I went straight to the shower and started crying. The way I saw Alice, her health condition is no longer favourable. I was depressed and didn’t know what exactly to do. I managed to take a quick bath, dried my body with my towel I wore my undies and lay down in my bed to catch some sleep when my phone wrong. It was Mommy Fatmata I quickly slide my phone to the right which immediately connected me with Mommy Fatmata. “Hello,” she said to me with a sound of cry undertone…


How can I forget? Mothers’ hearts are like that, they are always in the exaggerating mood. I calmed when she told me that Alice is awake now. She told me Alice had wanted to talk to me but it was so unfortunate that she isn’t allowed to use a phone. A broad grin wears my face as I dropped the phone call I quickly threw myself under my soft cosy pillow and covered myself with the blanket. How I went to sleep remains unknown. The next thing I heard was my annoying alarming clock the one doesn’t allow me to sleep a minute after eight in the morning. I got up sluggishly as I yawned beyond control I realized I didn’t taste any food yesterday. To say that I am not hungry, would be tantamount to saying sheep are carnivores and cheetahs, herbivores. It would be a distortion of facts!   My stomach hurts; I rushed to go scrub my mouth without wasting time. In less than a minute I opened the freezer’s door and grabbed an apple without looking back I devoured on it like how lions do to other animals. Before I could find a place to sit, the apple is already half dead. Something must kill a man, especially now that my mom is not around to sort my food bills for me. This time my stomach started boiling for the first time I haven’t thought about Alice for the past ten minutes. I must not misconstrue that being famished is equally being sick and mentally imperil. This time my stomach is requesting to eat rice; I searched my pockets and realized I had no money on me. I extended the search on my dirty clothes that are packed on top of my wardrobe. One good thing about me is that the lord never sleeps on my hustle especially whenever I extend the hustle on my dirty clothes. This time around, I found two hundred thousand leones in the left front pocket of one of my trousers. I jumped out of excitement; I made my way down the street. At Passionate along Shell Old Road, there is a beautiful restaurant called Amigo, they serve sweet heaven food compared to the money you’re paying. These few days that my mother travelled, I have been their best customer. They mostly give me the discount price of their food. I entered the restaurant and one of the waitresses offered me a sit “customer, please have a sit here” and she rushed in to offer me my favourite. I sit down in front of a big plasma television and it was showing Barcelona VS Manchester United replay that matches that Messi foolishly nutmegged the entire Manchester United team; Jim Becklin the match commentator couldn’t bear it. He had to react by raining Messi with heavy adjectives. In fact during the Match Jim said “Manchester United, the red devils have been painted white by the football messiah and now they have to remain feeble and weak. The Lion is now devouring on their flesh, I wonder how Ronaldo is feeling at Juventus”. This commentator, as they say, is indeed one of the best, how can he bring Ronaldo’s issue in a Barcelona and Manchester United derby? Well, I guess you know the answer, I think he was just trying to create a rivalry in all fronts. Messi later scored a brace and assisted one. For that few minutes, I enjoyed Messi scored the second goal with his weak right foot. De Gea who was the goalkeeper decisively grabbed the empty artificial turf and allowed Messi’s right-footed ball to beat passed him under his armpit.

The waitress brought forth my favourite which shawarma and a cold soft drink. I said thank you to her as she beams and walked back in. I love shawarma so much especially the one in this restaurant. It took me fifteen minutes to eat the shawarma I drank the soft with such ease. As I was busy drinking, I had a knock on the back of my head, I quickly turned…

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