Love at first sight: Episode Four

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Festus Conteh
Love at first sight

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 Previously on Love at first sight

This time again without hesitation her wicked left hand rested on my head. “Small boy wants to form muscle,” said Cecilia as she continues laughing. “An intelligent cannot strike somebody’s head while laughing. For the records, I don’t come with money today so don’t expect any payment”. I said to her.  


I moved a bit to her shelf where she normally keeps her money. I secretly searched but no money was found. “Cecilia, can I ask you a question?” I requested. “Go ahead” she assured. “Do you know a fine young girl called Sonia around here?”  I asked. She jumped from her bed as if a lion was chasing her. She grabbed my collar as she looks passionate about Sonia. “She is my friend, how did you come across her?”  She anxiously asked. “She was flirting with me when I was coming,” I said to her. “Oh… that reminds me. She told me about you the last time and she was so passionate about you.” She explained to me. “You know very well that I am engaged if not for Christ’s sake but for honesty’s sake don’t tolerate another woman for me.” I cautioned her. “If I can recall well somebody being passionate about you doesn’t mean he or she is in love with you. Maybe she wants to be friends with you.” She cunningly said.  I smiled while looking at, she knew exactly what I was thinking “Yeah, I know, I know how unlucky you are being friends with ladies. But I want you to try this one. “She persuasively said to me. “Anyway this is a secondary issue you know why I am here,” I said to her. She promised to give me the sum of five hundred thousand leones as a deposit to write her a story for a donation she did in the provinces. Lest I forget, Cecilia is that student who hates writing. Even when we were in primary school, she was never friendly with writing. She gave me a cheque note of five hundred thousand leones. “Here take this and go shower your girl with it”. She said. We all burst into laughter. “I have to leave now I will come to see you tomorrow.” I said to her “Okay if you say so, then see you tomorrow.” Cecilia said to me. I walked out as a smile wears my face.  I don’t waste much time to talk to my uncle or Popay Zombie. I was standing at Imatt Junction waiting to onboard a cab when my phone rung. It was Mommy Fatmata she is the mother of Alice. Oh, you don’t know who Alice is? For the records, she is my girlfriend but better described as the puzzle of my heart. But sometimes I prefer calling her honeybunch, sweaty, better half, and plenty of other names that I couldn’t remember. Let me explain to you a bit about how I met with her.

In the early hours of a sunny beautiful Monday, I was coming from Wilberforce Village with a “keep” we safely reached at PZ as the rider pullover I alighted from the “keep” and decided to use Abacha Street so that I can walk to East End Police where I can onboard another cab to Kissy. Abacha Street one of the busiest streets in Freetown which suffers from vehicle traffic, motorbikes, kekeh, and even humans don’t have access to walk freely. As I entered the merciless crowd, a skinny guy of my type doesn’t have much strength to resist the disgruntled crowd.  The swift swinging from East to West and West to East. I had never felt angrier in my life than this moment. I spent half of the journey cursing some of the people and trying to protect the money in my pocket from the thieves. I can’t imagine how dilapidated my VANS easy wear has become due to the continuous kicking and stepping on my foot. I became stronger when I came to realized that there is a group of guys with strange faces around. I felt more weight on my back that I almost fell down. But luckily I was almost out of the crowd very close to the roundabout. I forcefully pull through and I saw myself out of the crowd breathing heavily.

As I was contemplating taking my next move, I saw Alice coming towards my direction. She was now coming to the disgruntled crowd. Can she survive this? I asked myself. I was concerned but somehow I pretended it wasn’t my business. If there was a rival in the picture, I had to put in extra efforts, rather than displaying cowardice in front of her. I quickly put my house in order and made sure that the ugly side of me didn’t show up. Though I looked so unkempt, when she saw me, about 100 meters away, she started beaming. I reciprocated it. I mean, who frowns when a beautiful girl is smiling at him? It is never done anywhere! The reflex was involuntary. At first, I felt butterflies in my stomach, but later, perhaps, they had flown from my stomach to a more dangerous place. I couldn’t look into her eyes. Ladies had always told me that was cute but I needed to outgrow my shyness; I needed to be able to look this beautiful damsel in the eyes, but as much as I tried, I failed. I gave up. When she was within an arm’s length, I made a call sign to her and she responded. The gospel truth was I don’t know what to say to her. I didn’t know whether to lie or to tell her the truth that I am in love with her. I swallowed my pride at once and told her to please share her number with me I will call her later she nodded in agreement. I used my right hand to take my phone from my back pocket to my greatest surprise my Samsung Galaxy 7 is not there.

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Festus has been volunteering in writing stories of social issues at both community and the country at large. Festus was looking to secure a brand new opportunity in an innovative, friendly atmosphere where he can utilize his soft skills and in-depth knowledge in story writing. He can also write a project proposal of any kind.

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