Love At First Sight: Episode Five

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Festus Conteh
Love at first sight

Previously on Love at first sight

The gospel truth was I don’t know what to say to her. I didn’t know whether to lie or to tell her the truth that I am in love with her. I swallowed my pride at once and told her to please share her number with me I will call her later she nodded in agreement. I used my right hand to take my phone from my back pocket to my greatest surprise my Samsung Galaxy 7 is not there.


 For some interesting reasons, I smiled as if I had been hypnotized, I told her, some trained criminal from that crowd has stolen my phone. But that is his lucky day let him or she enjoy it. There is something with crushes; at their presence, you are able to say things that you never intended to. Maybe, that is why they are called “drop-dead gorgeous”. For two minutes, she laughed at me so teasingly that if it were my younger brother, I would beat the hell out of him. But I didn’t have an option than to join in the laughter. Later, she told me that she had been suffered from the same demise. My heart was eased beyond expression after hearing those words. She gave me her phone for me to dial my contact. I dialed my contact with a beamy face, I gave her the phone and she saved my contact after asking for my name. She waved bye to me after I shook her soft but smooth right hand that is how I met with Alice.

Off from flashback: I picked up the call of Mommy Fatmata “I am on my way coming I will be there in no time” I said to her” She responded by saying the doctors had refused to give Alice her medic treatments because we failed to pay the remaining three hundred thousand leones (Le 3,000) for her medical bill. Alice was born with a heart disorder:

Heart disorder problems are long-term or lifelong issues with the valves of the heart, and they may be present at birth or develop due to the natural aging process. The three major types of heart valve issues are atresia, regurgitation, and stenosis. Atresia refers to the complete absence of a particular heart valve, and regurgitation involves leaky valves that do not close properly. In stenosis, valves are hardened and cannot open properly to allow blood to pass through them. The heart has four valves: aortic, pulmonary, mitral, and tricuspid. Heart valve disorders can affect one or more valves. According to Mommy Fatmata when Alice was a kid, extra tests such as electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, stress tests, MRI scans, and chest x-rays were done in different hospitals. Unfortunately, she had a complete diagnosis of the leaky heart. Her health status has determined her lifestyle modifications. She is not the socialist type and doesn’t play that much otherwise she will faint out of suffocation. I immediately on barded a cab and it quickly drove me to the Connaught Hospital. I alighted the cab after paying the driver and ran straight to the hospital. According to the facial expression of Mommy Fatmata, Alice’s health doesn’t seem to be okay. Without wasting time I rushed to Alice’s ward I met her lying down sleeping. There is a secret Alice didn’t know as advised by the doctor, Alice should never know that she is suffering from a heart disorder. Nobody has ever told her that, because of this Alice has been homeschooled since childhood. Alice was never allowed to use an android phone. Alice was only allowed to watch cartoon movies. The most surprising thing in Alice’s life is at twenty, she doesn’t even know what kiss is not even to measure of knowing what sex is. She is ever innocent in life. I got outside of the ward and rushed straight to the doctor’s office and paid the balance money. Alice’s parents are extremely rich and can achieve anything that money can buy. In fact, Alice’s name is the fifth on the list of those wait for heart donations and it is going to cost them one hundred million leones Le 100,000,000.00 for a healthy and functioning heart. But I promised to pay at least three hundred thousand leones to show them that I really love Alice so dearly. Mommy Fatmata even begged me not to bother but I insisted and she accepted and promised to wait until I brought the money. I paid the money and immediately the doctor phoned the nurses to look after Alice. She was woken up and they fix the oxygen machine on her nose and the remaining part of the treatment begun. As they are busy treating her, Alice opened her eyes and watched through the window and couldn’t bear seeing me in tears she started coughing…

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