If I become President Series: Episode three:’’ what’s the first thing I’ll do, why and how?”

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Christopher Hagibu Kalokoh popularly known as Chris Hagib was born in the early 90’s

He attended the Baptist Senior Secondary School Allen town, Freetown, where he emerged as the best BSS’s WASSCE student with distinction in 2012.

He has just completed his Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics, N’jala University, and he is currently doing his BMB Designation online course.

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Fourah Bay College (University Of Sierra Leone). During his studies in Fourah Bay College, he participated greatly in Students Leadership, the inception of his high recognition among his peers across the country. He believed in the fact that leadership is all about selflessly serving those around you. With this philosophy, he held many student positions while in college. To name but few, he served as Research and information Officer ( Sierra Leone Debating Council), Public Relations Officer( Chinese Language Society, University Of Sierra Leone), Director of Project (Economics and Commerce Department), Minister of Education ( Students Union, Fourah Bay College), and Director Of Education (National Union of Sierra Leone Students NUSS) and many more.

After graduation, the University of Sierra Leone administration decides to give him the opportunity to be among the student’s delegation to China on a highly competitive Cultural exchange program, of which he emerged as one of the best students with an excellent result. Chris is the founder and executive director of Network for Development Sierra Leone (NeFoD-SL), a growing organization whose vision is to establish a transformed society and empowering the lives of young Sierra Leoneans. He has displayed dedication and passion towards the wellbeing and development of Young People, especially children in Sierra Leone. For instance, as a founder and Executive Director of one of the leading youth Advocacy organizations in the country, he normally organizes training for young people on Leadership, Advocacy Skills, and Public Speaking ethics, etc.

Through his organization and team, he has undertaken various activities related to youth empowerment. While spending part of his time to youth’s activities, he is also building his career.

He is currently the country representative for GLOBAL GOODWILL AMBASSADORS, An international organization which vision is to establish a network of Humanitarians across the globe, an opportunity that was given to him due to his relentless efforts as a young man in ensuring that Sierra Leone becomes a better place. As a youth and human rights activist, his passion and commitment to serve his community (Nation) are worth emulating.

In 2017, Christopher Hagibu Kalokoh received two awards and other recognition certificates for his eminent contributions towards the lives of young ones.

15th July, Africa Young Voice (AYV), Limelight, and Teens Nation Award for his great contribution to the lives of Youths across the country.

In December, Christopher Hagibu Kalokoh also received an Award through Kids Advocacy Network (KAN) on their 10th National Child Development Award for his efforts in advocating for the welfare of youths and children.

In 2018, Christopher was awarded as the 100 most influential Youth in Sierra Leone and also a youth Ambassador through the ministry of Youth Affairs.

In 2019, Christopher was awarded as a Global Goodwill Ambassador, representing Sierra Leone.

As a growing writer, Christopher Hagibu Kalokoh has published articles that captured the attention of many Sierra Leonean, to name but few, on the 27th, April 2018, during Sierra Leone independence He published an article title ” THE FUTURE OF SIERRA LEONE IS IN OUR HANDS’’ In September 2017, Just after the mudslide, he published an article title “ OUR ENVIRONMENT! OUR RESPONSIBILITY “On June 27, another article was published title “THE CURRENT STATE OF OUR ECONOMY CALLS FOR ACTION”

He recently Co-authored a policy response position Paper title “ COVID-19; AN ADDITIONAL THREAT TO FOOD SECURITY  IN AFRICA”  which was published by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Public Policy Africa Initiative (PPPI).

In an exclusive interview with us at Salone Messenger in our new series ‘’IF I BECOME PRESIDENT’’ which is intended to flesh out opinions of Sierra Leone’s young emerging leaders and those in the street of Freetown on the future of a United Sierra Leone. Here is what the first thing he will do if he becomes the President of Sierra Leone, why and how?

SM Question

If you become president. What will be the first thing you will do, why and how?

Chris Hagib Answer

SM Question


Chris Hagib Answer

“It’s not the institutions that failed us, it is the people placed  in those institutions that failed us.

And it all has to do with leadership, even the bible mentioned that “ Woe is the Nation whose king is a child”  I believe there is a dire need for leadership reform in this country.

Effective leadership is a key factor to consider when determining the development and transformation of a country, it does not matter how big or small a nation might be; it has to have an effective leader if it wants to be developed and experience lasting peace.

Sierra Leone doesn’t need a positional leader but needs a functional and transformative leader, whose keen interest is to raise a committed, dedicated, and coordinated team that will serve the people.

And this leadership reformation is not only about politicians,  but all spheres of society,  even though it has to start from the head.”

SM Question


Chris Hagib Answer

First of all, I will establish a National Leadership Reformation Commission, that will spearhead all matters related to leadership,  through training all sectors of society on how to become an effective leader and responsible citizen. And also how to maintain the core values of leadership in positions of trust.

Secondly, with compassion, if I become the president I will build a team of far-sighted and able administrators. I will organize my government in a way that it would reach the grass-root level. No section of society should be left out. Policy or scheme initiated for the benefit of the public must be implemented in such a way that it should not get politicize and corrupt during the process of implementation. The administration should notice and reach the problems being faced by the public and tackle it on time without unnecessary delay. And most important of all, if I become the president,  together with my team, I will seek the interest of the country in today’s global world and able to create a conducive atmosphere to achieve lasting peace and prosperity as a Nation.

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Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a writer, editor, and storyteller. He was born in Bo, Southern Sierra Leone. Started his primary school at the Bo District Educational Council Primary School, Abu Bakarr Jalloh was the top pupil from primary one to three. In 2005, his family relocated to the capital Freetown where he furthered his primary education at the Holy Trinity Primary School, Kissy Road. Abu Bakarr Jalloh became a force to reckon with throughout his primary 4-6 at the Holy Trinity Primary School. In 2008/2009, he enrolled at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Junior Secondary School where he started his JSS 1-3 and he went on to top the list of the best student in the 2011 Basic Education Certificate Examination and also 7th best student in the whole of Port Loko District.

In 2011/2012 he attended the Government Municipal Senior Secondary School where he attained his West Africa Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination in 2015. Abu Bakarr Jalloh is now a student of the Njala University, Njala Campus pursuing a degree in Bsc Agricultural Economics.

He is a very brilliant writer, editor, and storyteller that is passionate about telling Sierra Leonean stories undiluted using a mobile phone. He is also keen on highlighting national issues affecting Sierra Leoneans.

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