If i become president of Sierra Leone

Mrs. Nancy Samai was born in Koinadugu District, Kabala. She is currently an Intern Pharmacist who graduated from the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, the University of Sierra Leone in 2019.

She served as the First Female President of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Students, Sierra Leone (NAPS-SL) in the 2018/2019 academic year. She is the founder of the Girls Empowering Mentors (GEM); an organization she formed to empower young ladies based on Christian principles. She is a very strong member of the Total Woman Network; she also serves as the Treasurer / Financial Secretary of the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), Sierra Leone Chapter. She loves music, football (Chelsea fan), and wrestling (WWE- a fan of John Cena).

She is happily married to Mr. Umaru Damon Samai.

In an exclusive interview with us at Salone Messenger in our new series: ‘’IF I BECOME PRESIDENT’’ which is intended to flesh opinions of Sierra Leone’s young emerging leaders and those in the street of Freetown on the future of a United Sierra Leone, here is what she said will the first thing she will do if she becomes the President of Sierra Leone, why and how?

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What will be the first thing you will do when you become president?


 I have gone through College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences and lessons learnt stimulate my desire to reform Sierra Leone’s health system. Reformation will start from reviewing the operational standard of the only University in Sierra Leone that trains health care workers. The College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences does not only need infrastructure in terms of review of curriculum and digitalising internal processes, but also improved facilities for the brave and energetic lecturers who train Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses, etc.


I will equate the facilities of a senior lecturer to the facilities enjoyed by Government Ministers and Heads of Government Department and Agencies. The socio-economic development of Sierra Leone depends on the health of our productive population. We have seen young and talented men and women die as a result of minor operations. Why do we need to travel to a neighbouring Ghana for medication? Having our health systems equipped with the relevant material and human resources will not only ensure the frequent circulation of the Leones but will attract foreign currencies.  With an up to date hospital and a trusted system, people will travel across the globe seeking for medical attention in Sierra Leone.

In building a reliable health system, I will give scholarship to all science students at high school. This is to increase pupil’s interest in the sciences and have more health care workers across the country. At university level, I will decentralise medical education at regional level. College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences will be a stand alone university with broader scope of operations with a clear mandate to coordinate the medical colleges at regional level. Upgrade all university teaching complex to international standard with all necessary gadgets to operate and respond to all cases of urgent medical attention.

The principle of morality and the typical African virtue will be restored; focusing on having an equal nation.  A nation where women, men, girls, and boys have equal access to educational facilities and other rights as define by the Constitution.

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