I Am Not Your Ex

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Festus Diary

I’m not him.

 I know I’m not…

But I’ve loved you…

For as long as I can remember.

 I don’t know how else to say it.

I once promised you that when it’s all over

 And you fully give me your heart,

I will build you a house on the lake.

We’d grow old and fat together.

Then we would fight,

Maybe drink too much and forget our sorrows.

And then we would die and be buried in the meadow by the lake.

The world would forget about us but we would always have each other.

Trust me, I am not him,

 If you give me your heart now,

I will find a safe place for it to be stored.

Always remember that you shine so brightly in my eyes

That leaves any other woman in shades.

I’m not him and sincerely not your ex.

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Festus Conteh

Festus has been volunteering in writing stories of social issues at both community and the country at large. Festus was looking to secure a brand new opportunity in an innovative, friendly atmosphere where he can utilize his soft skills and in-depth knowledge in story writing. He can also write a project proposal of any kind.

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