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At Salone Messenger, we believe that with collaborative efforts and oneness, the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone will be where we all want it. This category is all about teeling the stories of the entertainers and the entertainment and the way forward to be at the center stage

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Audiofrica entertainment app review

  We just downloaded the 2.1.1 with over 1000 downloads in less

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu Kamuskay

I am thinking

By: Mohamed Dauda KamaraJournalist In Makeni I am thinking, when last I

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Audiofrica: The Future of Sierra Leone Entertainment Industry

Audiofrica is Africa’s music streaming platform that let artists earn from their

Sallu Kamuskay Sallu Kamuskay

The story of Mafereh Conteh: A nine-year-old girl that got herself admitted to a school

By: Festus Conteh When the “Free Education Scheme” was introduced in the

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